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Jack Kornfield's Dharma Talks
Jack Kornfield
Over the years of teaching, I've found a growing need for profound lovingkindness and compassion--a transformation of the heart--to underlie the insights and understandings that come out of the practice. An opening of the mind needs to be supported by compassion from the heart if the practice is to be integrated, fulfilled, and lived in our lives.
1989-11-01 The Inspiration Of Dipa Ma 43:31
a loving, heart-felt story of Dipa Ma, a great Indian yogi who lived the teachings of loving kindness and simplicity
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1989-09-01 Co-Dependence And Compassion 44:25
honoring the importance of disharmony within the circle of caring compassion
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1989-07-01 Teachers And Cults 59:58
understanding that the sacred space a teacher creates is full of irony, metaphor, and complexity
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1989-06-01 I Am Not 39:29
date estimated
1989-04-29 How to Bring the Practice into Everyday Life 59:26
mastered off video 9-89
1989-04-23 The Life Of Expansion And Contraction 56:58
Making peace with the cycles of life.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1989-03-13 Let It Be 50:40
fulfilling our capacity to live fully by relinquishing all that is not useful to our spiritual practice
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1989-01-01 Awareness And Intimacy 50:42
identifying intimacy as the process of becoming awake; paying attention to the joy that contains loss and the sorrow that contains birth
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1989-01-01 Introduction To Meditation: Integrating Meditation Into Your Life 1:11:52
Week Four: Techniques for overcoming inevitable distractions and obstacles. Week Five-Tape One: How meditation can enhance every waking moment of your life. USED TO BE 7
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
In collection: Introduction To Meditation
1989-01-01 Freeing Ourselves From Views 60:43
letting go of our point of view so the moment can come out of our hearts
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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