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James Baraz's Dharma Talks
James Baraz
I try to convey that the wisdom and compassion we are looking for is already inside of us. I see practice as learning how to purify our mind and heart so we can hear the Buddha inside. In doing so, we naturally embody the dharma and help awaken that understanding and love in others we meet.
2017-08-17 "Hatred Never Ceases by Hatred" 49:12
The Buddha taught: "Hatred never ceases by hatred. Hatred only ceases by love. This is an ancient and eternal law." With tragedies like Charlottesville and the reaction of the president highlighting the forces of hate in our country in these crazy times, how can we avoid giving in to the same reaction within ourselves? How can we acknowledge our repugnance and activated feelings without adding more ill will as we emerge with a wise response? Teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and the Buddha help us hold this all with a dharmic perspective.
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