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John Peacock's Dharma Talks
John Peacock
John Peacock, an academic and meditation teacher for 25 years, currently teaches Buddhist studies and Indian religions at the University of Bristol, UK. He is an Associate Director of The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, recognized by Oxford University.
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2007-01-30 Dependent Origination And Love 1:26:30
This series of talks and guided meditations explores the development of the practices of both Lovingkindness and Compassion, with particular emphasis on the radical possibilities of Awakening that they bring. Through these practices we come to develop deep and beautiful qualities of heart as a real resource both for ourselves and the world, and also open ourselves to the profound and liberating understandings that can emerge from this path of love.
Gaia House Loving Kindness and Compassion as a Path to Awakening (2007)
2006-07-05 Dependent Origination and Craving 1:19:37
An examination of the Buddha's most profound teaching, and what it means to us in everyday life.
Gaia House Kindness, Tranquility and Insight

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