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IMCB Regular Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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2012-12-20 A Time For Healing 51:58
  James Baraz
Dealing with the tragedy of Newtown, Conn.
2012-12-27 Past, Present and Future. 54:44
  James Baraz
As 2012 comes to a close, this is a time to reflect on the lessons from the past year, where you are now and what your vision is of the New Year.
2013-01-03 Embracing Change 52:20
  James Baraz
2013-01-10 Shifting perspectives 47:46
  James Baraz
When life is difficult or frustrating the teachings advise us to practice equanimity. One simple but potent way to do that is to take a step back and hold things with a wider perspective. We'll be exploring different practices that incline towards equanimity through this method.
2013-01-17 The Power of Generosity 56:47
  James Baraz
James is joined by Phil Catalfo, who runs the Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project, for a rich discussion about the power of generosity. Giving not only benefits the recipient but the giver as well. While BNFP alleviates the suffering of those who are “food insecure;” it also alleviates the suffering of the donors by providing them a means to process their feelings, thoughts, and memories about food, hunger, abundance, guilt, and so on. Participants report a vastly expanded sense of themselves and become profoundly grateful for the opportunity to experience that. They see that “everybody wins” is an actual option in this world.
BNFP Website

2013-01-24 Why I teach Awakening Joy. 55:01
  James Baraz
In the talk, I share what motivated me to teach Buddha Dharma as a path of happiness. Some of the teachings might obscure this fact through misunderstanding, as well as the underlying teachings that lead to genuine well-being.
2013-01-31 Seeing Through Views. 50:58
  James Baraz
"Seeing Through Views: A Doorway to Liberation" As the Buddha said in the Paramatthaka Sutta: On Views: "A person who associates himself with certain views, considering them as best and making them supreme in the world is not free from contention (with others)." This talk explores the power, freedom and potential for deeper love that comes when we realize that our view is just one reality.
2013-02-21 The Power of the Five Spiritual Faculties 57:21
  Heather Sundberg
2013-02-28 Working with Tyranny 60:08
  Vinny Ferraro
2013-03-14 The Five Reflections 50:07
  James Baraz
The Five Reflections from the Upajjatthana Sutra are: 1 - I am subject to old age, 2 - I am subject to illness, 3- I am subject to death, 4 - I must be parted and separated from everyone and everything dear and agreeable to me, 5 - I am the owner of my karma and the heir of my karma.
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