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Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2013-02-07 From Me to We 66:43
  Bob Doppelt
Bob presented five transformational commitments, which are grounded in psychology, ecosystem science, and dharma principles, that are the basis of the shift in consciousness needed to rescue the planet and our lives. He distributed a handout that outlines five natural laws, the related Buddhist principles, and the five commitments, which you can refer to as you listen to his talk. The five commitments are designed to help us shift from a sole focus on ‘me’ to prioritizing the broader ‘we,’ encouraging us to make a personal commitment to protect all life on the planet, free our minds from outdated and erroneous beliefs, and begin to think and act sustainably.
2013-02-14 Freedom as a State of Body: Opening the Sacred Soma 54:16
  Adam Baraz
2013-02-21 The Power of the Five Spiritual Faculties 57:21
  Heather Sundberg
2013-02-28 Working with Tyranny 60:08
  Vinny Ferraro
2013-03-07 Self Compassion 54:25
  Kristin Neff
James Baraz along with guest teacher Kristin Neff talk about Self Compassion.
2013-03-14 The Five Reflections 50:07
  James Baraz
The Five Reflections from the Upajjatthana Sutra are: 1 - I am subject to old age, 2 - I am subject to illness, 3- I am subject to death, 4 - I must be parted and separated from everyone and everything dear and agreeable to me, 5 - I am the owner of my karma and the heir of my karma.
2013-03-21 Community Sharing: Questions and Answers 56:27
  James Baraz
2013-03-28 Facing in the Right Direction 47:46
  James Baraz
Social change happens slowly in our society but usually moves in the direction of greater inclusion and acceptance of progressive ideas. Includes Mark Morford's column "Your Evolution is Totally Gay."
2013-04-04 The Power of Habit - Part 1 52:48
  James Baraz
Talk based on Charles Duhigg's book on why we do what we do and how to strengthen or change our habits.
2013-04-11 The Power of Habit - Part 2 51:57
  James Baraz
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