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Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2014-06-05 Devotion in Dharma Practice, Part 2 48:14
  James Baraz
Although devotion plays a significant role in Monastic Communities and Tibetan practices it's not something that's often discussed in lay communities. Yet devotion can be a major source of inspiration which can fuel our practice.
2014-06-12 The practice of generosity and the difference between Dana and Caga 48:06
  Kate Munding
Dana is the very practical act of giving. Caga literally means giving up, abandonment, and it is an indication that the grip one has on one's possessions is loosened by Caga.
2014-06-19 "Finding What Your Looking For" 51:58
  James Baraz
Our preconceptions and assumptions have a significant effect on how we perceive reality--what gets taken in and what gets filtered out. A rich area of practice is being aware of this so that we truly see clearly to the best of our ability. As we bring more awareness to our filters, we can also see others' Buddha nature inside them, and help it come out, even if they can't see it themselves.
2014-07-03 Just the Hindrances 65:34
  Kate Munding
2014-07-24 Seeing Everyone as Your Benefactor 48:48
  James Baraz
We learn from everyone who comes into our life--those that inspire and those who are challenging. If our intention is to wake up, then everyone can be seen as part of our process. This profoundly changes our relationship to all. Even the difficult ones are no longer the enemy.
2014-07-31 Feeling Comfort in "Don't Know" 54:24
  Kate Munding
2014-08-14 What Will You Do With Your Wild And Precious Good Karma? 53:39
  James Baraz
The fact that we're given a human birth is exceedingly rare in itself. But to hear the Dharma, and be motivated as well as have the opportunity to practice is extraordinary good karma. Reflecting on this brings gratitude and provides a strong incentive to practice for the benefit of all beings.
2014-08-21 The Secret Instruction To Open Your heart And Deepen Your Mindfulness Practice 48:56
  James Baraz
You're probably very familiar with the power of mindfulness. But as powerful as it is to just see things clearly, we can include a perspective that will bring richness and depth to our dharma practice.
2014-09-04 The Practice of Concentration Meditation 56:50
  Kate Munding
In her talk on concentration meditation, Kate Janke explores different techniques, why it is an essential part of the path to awakening, and what gets in the way of a concentrated mind.
2014-09-11 Sudden Awakening/Gradual Cultivation 49:16
  James Baraz
Does awakening happen all at once or over time? Both. Even after one has an awakening experience there is still more work to be done. This talk explores awakening and the purification of habits that is an essential part of that process.
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