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Sharda Rogell's Dharma Talks
Sharda Rogell
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My focus in teaching is to provide the support that students need to turn their life to the dharma, to truth, and to find ways to come out of their pain and suffering. The retreat experience is an invaluable aid to this exploration; however, what matters more is how one integrates this under- standing into everyday life.
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2011-01-08 The Noble Eight Fold Path (Adrianne Ross & Sharda Rogell) 57:37
A concise exposition on the way these eight path factors form a cohesive whole for our practice in daily life.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Essential Dharma
2011-01-06 Untangling Dukkha - 4 Noble Truths 59:24
The Buddha showed us the way out of our human predicament of living life as if we were on a wheel in a hamster's cage. The first three Noble Truths are explored to reveal a profound liberation.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Essential Dharma
2010-12-30 Expanding Beyond our Limited Storyline 50:03
As we shed our identification with our past and free ourselves from the belief, "I am my story," we open to a larger field of reality and to infinite possibilities of expressing who we truly are.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center New Year's Retreat
2010-11-07 The Path Ahead: Integrating Our Life into our Practice 41:49
A talk given on the closing morning of retreat that lays out the way to live with wise intentions for liberating our habitual tendencies and living an awakening life.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Art of Embodied Presence
2010-11-06 Relaxing the Fixated 'I' 52:52
Unless we understand how we cling to the conditions of our mind and body as "me", we will live within a narrow and confined view and miss the revelation of our true beingness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Art of Embodied Presence
2010-11-05 Our Strategies Aren't Working: the Arising of Compassionate Heart 59:16
A simple and clear exposition on the Buddha's insights into releasing, grasping and suffering. This is the release that opens our heart to great compassion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Art of Embodied Presence
2010-11-03 Training the Mind; Aiming Towards Love 59:21
When we identify with our cruel inner critic, this undermines our capacity for kindness towards ourselves and others. Inclining the mind towards metta points us towards our own innate goodness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Art of Embodied Presence
2010-11-02 Inner and Outer Refuge: Opening the Rose 49:57
First we find our outer refuge in sacred spaces in the triple gem, and through establishing a ground of trust we can let go, taking refuge in awareness itself where everything we need for awakening is available.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Art of Embodied Presence
2010-09-04 Welcome Everything, Push Away Nothing 50:55
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Labor Day Retreat
2010-07-22 The Wisdom of Equanimity and Compassion 56:24
When we see the world through the veil of our ego, our love flows in distorted and confused ways. Through mindfulness and metta and insight we can begin to understand these conditioned patterns and transform them into love and connection.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Metta Retreat

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