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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Flavors of Kindness: A Retreat on the Divine Abodes

2013-05-15 (5 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2013-05-16 Introduction to Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation 18:04
Lila Kate Wheeler
A concise discussion on loving kindness or Metta Bhavana
2013-05-16 Guided Meditation on Loving Kindness (Metta) 39:48
Lila Kate Wheeler
Kindness and friendliness for oneself, a dear person, beings nearby and all beings
2013-05-16 Lovingkindness 55:00
Greg Scharf
An overview of the qualities of Loving kindness emphasizing the natural luminosity of the heart. Begins with chanting of the first part of the Karaniya Metta Sutta.
2013-05-17 Introduction to Loving kindness Meditation with Benefactors 2:38
Sharda Rogell
Recognition of the wholesome states of mind is important in their cultivation. Mindfulness of the body is encouraged as a support.
2013-05-17 Guided Loving kindness Meditation with Benefactors 35:54
Sharda Rogell
A guided meditation where one receives the wishes from people who care about you and are extending their wish for your happiness and well- being. Includes people from ordinary life as well as spiritual benefactors. (Phrases adapted from John Makransky
2013-05-17 Introduction to Compassion 7:11
Greg Scharf
A short introduction to Compassion including a discussion of obstacles to its development.
2013-05-17 Guided Compassion Meditation 29:28
Greg Scharf
This meditation begins with the practice of opening to one's own suffering and receiving kindness and compassion from benefactors. We then turn this quality of care towards our self and others.
2013-05-17 Compassion means doing something about the crying 50:34
Lila Kate Wheeler
A Dharma talk about compassion (or karuna). The wise heart is willing to connect with what is difficult within ourselves, other individuals and all beings.
2013-05-18 Introduction to Empathetic Joy (Mudita) 16:02
Greg Scharf
A short introduction to empathetic joy (or Mudita) including a discussion of the qualities of appreciation, gratitude and empathetic connection.
2013-05-18 Guided Mudita Meditation 25:02
Greg Scharf
The meditation begins with the practice of opening to happiness, success, good fortune in one's own life and receiving appreciation from benefactors. We then turn this quality of gladness and connection towards the good fortune of others.
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