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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

Insight Meditation Retreat for 18–32 Year Olds

Join a community of young people exploring the breadth and depth of the heart and mind in a silent retreat setting. With the Buddhist teachings of wisdom and compassion as our guide, we will cultivate a whole-hearted attention to the present moment, leading to an embodied ease, clarity and kindness.

2015-07-22 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2015-07-24 Mindfulness and Metta With the Hindrances 58:30
Rebecca Bradshaw
2015-07-26 Purity and Purification 49:24
Chas DiCapua
Our practice cycles between experiencing freedom of heart and that which binds the heart to suffering. Both are equally onward leading
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