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Retreat Dharma Talks

TCVC February 2016 retreat

Annual winter retreat with Chas DeCapua and Rebecca Bradshaw

2016-02-12 (8 days) Twin Cities Vipassana Collective

2016-02-14 The Awakening Factor of Viriya (effort/energy) 51:48
Chas DiCapua
The correct and incorrect forms of energy to bring to bear on practice and the skillful and unskillful applications of that energy
2016-02-15 The Awakening Factor of Joyous Interest 47:47
Rebecca Bradshaw
Noticing its presence, absence and what supports it arising
2016-02-16 Calm and Concentration 51:30
Chas DiCapua
Exploration of these two factors of awakening and how they work together
2016-02-17 The Awakening Factor of Equanimity 60:30
Rebecca Bradshaw
What is equanimity? what supports its arising?
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