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Retreat Dharma Talks

Connecting Mind and Heart

2016-11-28 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-11-29 Metta Instructions - General Overview: Self and Benefactor 44:51
James Baraz
2016-11-29 Making Friends with Ourselves: Working with Judging Mind 67:58
James Baraz
Judging ourselves or comparing ourselves with others is a central issue for many. How we get caught and how to skillfully work with these habits is the topic of the talk.
2016-11-30 Mind-Mind and Heart-Mind 62:53
Heather Martin
Their respective functions and how integrating them brings real well being.
2016-12-01 A Guided Meditation on Passive Friendliness 24:36
Heather Martin
A guided session. We can forget that there's a whole range of qualities of friendliness that are non-doing or passive. Listening, caring, empathizing, respecting, allowing, appreciating, honoring and more.
2016-12-01 Love, Serve, Remember = Non-Greed, Non-Hatred, Non-Delusion 65:13
James Baraz
The three sources of true happiness are the same no matter what the spiritual tradition.
2016-12-02 Forgiveness Practice 0:00
James Baraz
(Recording not available) 
Forgiveness towards self (body, mind, heart). Asking and extending forgiveness with another.
2016-12-02 The Journey of Practice, and the Art of Staying 67:02
Heather Martin
Some of the beacons in the unfolding of Heather's practice journey, and the deep trust that grows when we are able to stay with our direct experience.
2016-12-03 Guided Unbounded Metta Meditation 41:20
Heather Martin
Contacting our tenderness, through some sweet little stories, and then allowing that heart quality to expand everywhere, in all directions excluding nothing and no being at all.
2016-12-03 Connecting Mind and Heart: Awakening Joy 1:15:13
James Baraz
The Dalai Lama says: "The purpose of life is to be happy." This practice leads to true happiness. It starts with the mind intending to awaken the heart and all the goodness within us.
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