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Retreat Dharma Talks

Awakening our Natural Wisdom

One-week insight meditation retreat led by Greg Scharf and Jill Shepherd

2017-09-23 (8 days) Te Moata Retreat Center

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2017-09-24 01 Instructions: beginning with mindfulness of the body and the breath, then opening to sounds 22:01
Greg Scharf
Beginning meditation instructions: mindfulness of the body, breathing, and sounds
2017-09-24 02 Instructions: practising bare awareness of physical sensations 16:31
Jill Shepherd
Using mental noting to help cultivate bare attention or bare awareness of physical sensations
2017-09-24 03 Guided meditation: working in pairs exploring physical sensations in the body 26:51
Jill Shepherd
Guided meditation in dyads (pairs) naming physical sensations out loud, with increasing attention to detail
2017-09-24 04 Talk: the suffering that leads to the end of suffering 45:56
Greg Scharf
An overview of the Four Noble Truths, and developing a wise relationship to suffering
2017-09-25 05 Instructions: different qualities of mindfulness 10:46
Jill Shepherd
Bringing mindfulness to mindfulness itself, noticing different qualities of awareness
2017-09-25 06 Guided meditation: mindfulness of the body, breathing, sounds etc 29:47
Jill Shepherd
Bringing awareness to the body, physical sensations, the breath, sounds and thoughts, ending with three questions
2017-09-25 07 Instructions and guided metta meditation 45:16
Greg Scharf
Instructions and guided metta meditation for an "easy being"
2017-09-25 08 Talk: Dana - generosity as the foundation of the path to freedom 45:11
Jill Shepherd
Dana as a spiritual practice; its relationship to gratitude, and ways to overcome some of the conditioning that gets in the way of cultivating an open heart-mind
2017-09-26 09 Instructions and guided meditation: vedana or feeling-tone 23:37
Greg Scharf
Introduction of vedana or feeling-tone
2017-09-26 10 Instructions: radiating energy method of metta practice 9:43
Jill Shepherd
Brief instructions for metta practice using the "radiating energy" method
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