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Retreat Dharma Talks

Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

This six-week partial of the three-month course is a special time for practice. Because of its extended length and ongoing guidance, it is an opportunity for students to deepen the powers of concentration, wisdom and compassion. Based on the meditation instructions of Mahasi Sayadaw and supplemented by a range of skillful means, this silent retreat will encourage a balanced attitude of relaxation and alertness, and the continuity of practice based on the Buddha’s Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

2018-09-11 (43 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2018-09-28 Exploration Of Metta 60:46
Bhante Buddharakkhita
2018-09-29 The Seven Factors Of Enlightenment: 59:05
Jeanne Corrigal
The factors are explored within the map of the Satipatthana Sutta, with an emphasis on joy. This talk includes a Therigatha poem translated/rendered by Matt Weingast and closes with a very short guided meditation on the factors.
2018-09-30 Renunciation - A Gentle Approach. 55:53
Jaya Rudgard
2018-10-01 Untangling the Tangle 52:49
Andrea Fella
2018-10-02 Meeting Difficult Emotions With Right Mindfulness: Part 2 59:57
Bhante Buddharakkhita
The arising of difficult emotions is beyond our control. However, the application of right mindfulness along with the five ways working with distractive thoughts can help us to overcome them.
2018-10-05 Karma 53:43
Greg Scharf
2018-10-06 Expanding Awareness - A Guided Meditation 43:58
Andrea Fella
2018-10-07 The Dance Of Faith And Wisdom 53:38
Jaya Rudgard
2018-10-08 Not Self and Selfing 62:12
Andrea Fella
We can start to understand the teaching on not-self (anatta) by getting familiar with the experience of the sense of self.
2018-10-09 Liberation Through Understanding The Three Marks Of Existence 59:37
Bhante Buddharakkhita
A full understanding of the three marks of existence: impermanence, suffering, and not-self can lead to wisdom and liberating the mind from mental defilements.
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