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Retreat Dharma Talks

Bringing Ease to Pain: Meditation for Pain Management

Two-day non-residential retreat on mindfulness tools for practicing with pain and finding freedom in the body.

2018-10-13 (2 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2018-10-13 Day 1, Part 3: Direct and Indirect Practices for Pain: Choice is Key 64:50
Oren Jay Sofer
When working with pain, balance is key. Choosing where to place your attention when experiencing chronic pain helps establish equanimity. How to work with indirect practices and skillful distractions. Guided indirect practices and group reflections.
2018-10-13 Day 1, Part 5: Directly Facing Pain with Compassion 32:20
Oren Jay Sofer
Compassion as a way to meet pain and transform suffering into agency and freedom. How compassion works, what it is and is not, and how to develop self-compassion with chronic pain
2018-10-13 Day 1, Part 4: Compassion Guided Meditation 18:52
Oren Jay Sofer
2018-10-13 Day 1, Part 6: Indirect Practices for Resiliency with Pain 55:03
Oren Jay Sofer
Experiencing basic needs of satisfaction, meaning and connection for resiliency when living with chronic pain. Guided indirect practice for balancing nervous system with breath and hand movement.
2018-10-14 Day 2, Part 2: Guided Practice: Review of Day 1 Tools 18:17
Oren Jay Sofer
2018-10-14 Day 2, Part 3: Resistance in Relationship to Pain 28:43
Oren Jay Sofer
Resistance to pain is natural. When pain is chronic, resistance makes the pain worse. The many forms and levels of resistance, and how to work with it.
2018-10-14 Day 2, Part 4: Guided Practice on Resistance to Pain 48:25
Oren Jay Sofer
2018-10-14 Day 2, Part 5: Guided Visualization: Practicing with Pain 26:29
Oren Jay Sofer
Visualization can be a supportive indirect practice. Why its helpful with pain and how to practice with it.
2018-10-14 Day 2, Part 7: Exploring Pain Directly 18:01
Oren Jay Sofer
How to use mindfulness to meet and investigate pain. Exploration of different techniques for pain and when to use them.
2018-10-14 Day 2, Part 9: Guided Direct Practices with Pain 30:50
Oren Jay Sofer
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