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Retreat Dharma Talks

March Insight Meditation 1-Month

An extended period of retreat offers the rare opportunity for sustained and dedicated practice. This retreat emphasizes quieting the mind, opening the heart, and developing profound clarity and depth of insight practice. Instruction will follow the traditional four foundations of mindfulness, combined with training in loving-kindness and compassion, through a daily schedule of silent sitting, walking, dharma talks and practice meetings with teachers.

2019-03-02 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2019-03-02 An Overview of Our Foundational Practices for Our Retreat Journey (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 47:25
Donald Rothberg
On the first evening of a four-week retreat for some, and the beginning of the fifth of eight weeks for others, we explore the “map” of our foundational practices: (1) developing wise or right view and intention; (2) samatha practice, developing concentration (or samadhi); (3) insight practice, with mindfulness as a core practice; (4) the heart practices, particularly lovingkindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity; (5) grounding in the body; and (6) touching freedom and awakening.
2019-03-03 On Entering Solitude (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 48:42
Sharda Rogell
As we let go of the things we usually take as our refuge, the three refuges of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha begin to take on new life.
2019-03-04 Awakening through the Body: First Foundation of Mindfulness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 62:07
Heather Sundberg
The Talk explores the traditional teachings of First Foundation of Mindfulness through personal stories & modern perspectives - emphasizing the elements of Calming the Bodily Formation & nervous system practices, the 4 Postures of Awakening, and the aspects of impermanence & not self in the Wisdom Refrain of the Sutta.
2019-03-05 Brahma Vihara: Metta (Lovingkindness) 1 (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 51:49
Donald Rothberg
An overview of metta practice and two methods of practicing metta (through phrases and through “radiating metta”), followed by a guided practice period and a few Q&A.
2019-03-05 The Hindrances: An Opportunity for Discovery and Clarity (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 58:42
DaRa Williams
2019-03-06 Brahma Vihara: Metta (Lovingkindness) 2: Metta Mandala Guided Meditation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 42:13
Heather Sundberg
This "Sacred Circle of Well Wishing" Guided Meditation includes visualization & somatic metta practice working with the main categories in Metta Practice - Self, Benefactor, Good Friend, Familiar Stranger, Difficult Person and All Beings.
2019-03-06 Balanced Energy, Wise Effort (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:00
Oren Jay Sofer
Meditation practice is a process of cultivating healthy, skillful qualities in the mind. This talk explores two essential factors for the practice: balanced energy, and wise effort through the lens of the “Four Great Efforts.” How we practice is often more important than what technique we use. What qualities are you bringing to bear on your experience as you practice?
2019-03-07 The Second Foundation of Mindfulness: Practicing with Feeling-Tone (Vedana—Pleasant, Unpleasant, and Neutral) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 59:59
Donald Rothberg
After some further examination of the nature of mindfulness, we explore the Second Foundation of Mindfulness, first pointing to the central importance of the practice of being mindful of the “feeling-tone.” As articulated in the teaching on Dependent Origination, we study the sequence, that occurs when there are not mindfulness and wisdom, of (1) contact; (2) feeling-tone; (3) wanting the pleasant (or aversion to the unpleasant, and unawareness of the neutral), and (4) grasping the pleasant (or pushing away the unpleasant, or continued unawareness of the neutral). We look at the experiential nature of the pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral, and suggest a number of ways to practice with feeling-tone.
2019-03-08 Seeing with Dharma Eyes (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 53:54
Sharda Rogell
We are shifting our perception from ordinary ways of seeing and knowing in a way that is in accord with the dharma, with insight into the way things are. Looking more closely at story-making.
2019-03-09 The Dance of Courage, Compassion and Love (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 49:31
Amana Brembry Johnson
Our world is on fire and in desperate need of compassion and care. Lovingkindness frees the heart so that compassion can arise. Compassion gifts us the courage to be moved by suffering, and to move towards it rather than away from it. When we meet suffering the journey towards liberation begins.
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