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Retreat Dharma Talks

Befriending the mind

One common misperception of meditation is that it aims to stop thinking. However, the aim of insight meditation is to develop a more skilful relationship to every aspect of our experience, including our thoughts and emotions.
During this two-day non-residential workshop, we will explore ways to befriend the mind, to let go of unhelpful mental habits, and to cultivate helpful ones: states of heart and mind that lead to greater ease, happiness, and freedom.

2019-06-08 (2 days) Mariposa Sangha

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2019-06-08 01 short guided meditation: mindfulness of body and breathing 15:20
Jill Shepherd
Short guided meditation beginning with mindfulness of body and mindfulness of breathing, to help settle in to the workshop
2019-06-08 02 instructions: befriending the mind 22:00
Jill Shepherd
Introduction to the workshop theme of befriending the mind
2019-06-08 03 brief instructions: calming the body, stilling the mind 3:27
Jill Shepherd
Calming the body to help still the mind
2019-06-08 04 guided meditation: mindfulness of the body, emphasising ease 22:43
Jill Shepherd
Mindfulness of the body as a support to develop ease and calm, through a body scan inviting physical tension to release wherever possible
2019-06-08 05 instructions: mindfulness of feeling-tone or vedana 11:21
Jill Shepherd
An exploration of the role that feeling-tone or vedana plays in creating unskilful reactivity, when mindfulness is absent
2019-06-08 06 instructions: perception and volitional formations 7:45
Jill Shepherd
A brief exploration of the mental functions of perception and volitional formations, and how these can unconsciously strenthen the habit of identifying with experience and taking it personally
2019-06-08 07 instructions: brief introduction to metta practice 10:32
Jill Shepherd
Using metta meditation as a means to develop skilful perceptions and volitional formations
2019-06-08 08 guided metta meditation 18:39
Jill Shepherd
A short guided metta meditation using the "radiating energy" method to extend the energy of kindness in every direction
2019-06-09 09 guided meditation: mindfulness of body, sounds, thinking 22:21
Jill Shepherd
Guided meditation expanding mindfulness to include physical sensations, sound, mental activity then choiceless awareness
2019-06-09 10 instructions: mindfulness of the mind 13:42
Jill Shepherd
A brief introduction to bringing mindfulness to mental activity, including thoughts, emotions, moods and mind-states
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