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Retreat Dharma Talks

Freedom Here & Now: Insight Meditation Retreat

An often unexamined view in the mind of meditators is that our freedom and happiness will come about some time in the future, and after a lot of hard work.

While diligent effort is certainly an essential aspect of the meditative path, learning how to relax the mind and body is equally as important. As this relaxation deepens, the grasping of the mind’s wanting and not wanting is naturally diminished. This allows for a fuller connection with the present moment and the compassion and wisdom that naturally develops from that.

2020-03-10 (6 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2020-03-11 Meditating With Physical Discomfort 31:38
Chas DiCapua
Establishing a correct attitude towards physical discomfort, and meditation techniques for including it in one's practice.
2020-03-11 Concentration, One Pointedness, and Renunciation 46:27
Jean Esther
Exploring renunciation as a practice in support of developing stability of mind through one-pointed attention - when you let go of everything, everything belongs to you.
2020-03-12 Metta Meditation (for easy person and self) 54:31
Jean Esther
Introduction to the Brahma Viharas and the practice of goodwill.
2020-03-12 The Five Hindrances 59:22
Chas DiCapua
How to cultivate a correct view of the hindrances and how to include them in our practice.
2020-03-13 Mindfulness Of Feelings and Emotions 65:20
Jean Esther
A brief description of how we can meet all emotions, pleasant and unpleasant with wisdom and compassion.
2020-03-13 Thoughts 60:47
Chas DiCapua
How to meditate with thoughts and how to have the rightrelationship to thoughts.
2020-03-14 Open Choiceless Awareness - Sky Mind 61:24
Jean Esther
A review of one-pointed awareness opening to the vast expanse of boundless awareness.
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