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Retreat Dharma Talks

Foundations of Insight

A six-week course giving an overview of the core meditation instructions for insight practice, including the four foundations of mindfulness and techniques to strengthen calm and concentration.

2020-07-02 (36 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

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2020-07-02 01 talk intro to insight meditation 19:30
Jill Shepherd
A short introduction to insight meditation, its purpose and the key techniques for developing mindfulness (sati) and stability of mind (samadhi)
2020-07-02 02 guided meditation: mindfulness of breathing 22:51
Jill Shepherd
An introduction to mindfulness of breathing, using the rhythm of the breath to steady awareness and then refining mindfulness to stay connected with the details of the breath, one half-breath at a time
2020-07-09 01 talk: mindfulness of body 21:51
Jill Shepherd
Using the tool of mental noting to develop a strong foundation of mindfulness of the body, and how this helps cultivate a healthier relationship to the body
2020-07-09 02 guided meditaton: mindfulness of the breath then physical sensations 24:21
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with mindfulness of breathing to develop stability of mind, then opening to physical sensations throughout the whole body
2020-07-09 03 guided meditation: standing then walking 14:07
Jill Shepherd
Instructions to continue mindfulness of the body while changing posture from sitting to standing, then walking together as a group, in a circle
2020-07-16 01 talk mindfulness of hearing 20:58
Jill Shepherd
Continuing exploring different aspects of mindfulness, now using mindfulness of hearing to emphasise a relaxed, receptive approach to meditation
2020-07-16 02 meditation: mindfulness of sounds 27:02
Jill Shepherd
guided meditation starting with the breath and physical sensations, opening up to sounds and hearing
2020-07-23 01 talk: Mindfulness of Mind 22:00
Jill Shepherd
An introduction to working directly with the mind, practicising mindfulness of thinking
2020-07-23 02 meditation: mindfulness of thoughts 23:47
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with the breath, physical sensations and sounds, then opening up to include mental activity
2020-07-30 01 talk: introduction to practising mindfulness of emotions 23:48
Jill Shepherd
Continuing with mindfulness of the mind, a short intro about practicing with emotions
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