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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Insight Meditation 1 Month Retreat

An extended period of retreat offers the rare opportunity for sustained and dedicated practice. This retreat emphasizes quieting the mind, opening the heart, and developing profound clarity and depth of insight practice. Instruction will follow the traditional four foundations of mindfulness, combined with training in loving-kindness and compassion, through a daily schedule of silent sitting, walking, dharma talks and practice meetings with teachers.

2022-01-29 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2022-02-21 Guided sit with brama vihara (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:54
James Baraz
2022-02-21 5 Subjects for Daily Recollection (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:05
JD Doyle
Exploring the inescapable realities of the human condition as a path to orient ourselves to away from linearity and into complexity and mystery to support awakening
2022-02-22 Guided Equanimity with Nature (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 48:23
Tempel Smith
To find equanimity within us we can reflect on how we naturally feel when in nature. We rarely judge nature or get rigidly stuck on our preferences. We can see a young sapling, a mature tree, a much older tree, and a fallen tree. We can see rabbits and coyotes, insects and birds who eat them. We let nature have its changing seasons. From these reflections we can find the open heart of caring equanimity, just wishing for respectful contact with the truth. Can we bring this to the human realm?
2022-02-24 Your Practice is Not Just for You 60:30
James Baraz
Your practice affects everyone around you. When you see your practice in this wider context, it evokes a whole dimension of inspiration and “joyful responsibility“ to cultivate wisdom and compassion within us. In this world with so much suffering—including the climate crisis and injustice in the world—more than ever we need to keep this in mind and see ourselves as “bodhisattvas in training“.
2022-02-25 The Three Trainings to be in the Stream of Freedom (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 65:45
Tempel Smith
Sariputta equated the stream of liberation to being the very same 8 fold path of the Buddha's main teachings. The 8 fold path can be summed up as the three higher trainings: training in Sīla, Samādhi, and Pañña. To stay in the stream which only flow in one direction - liberation - we only need to embrace Sīla (ethical attunement), Samādhi (cultivating beautiful aspects of heart), and Pañña (living with wise perspective). Whether you wear robes on the outside of your body or if you are a lay person, we want to ordain our hearts to wear the inner robes of Sīla, Samādhi, and Pañña.
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