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Retreat Dharma Talks

Auckland Insight weekly talks 2022

Selected talks and guided meditations from Auckland Insight's weekly group meeting

2022-02-10 (316 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

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2022-02-10 meditation: metta infusion 25:23
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by attuning to the body, then listening to the heart, and inviting a sense of warmth and kindness that can be suffused through the whole being
2022-02-10 talk: Sangha as refuge 22:35
Jill Shepherd
Weaving together themes of dāna or generosity, mettā or kindness, and kalyanamitta or dharma friendship as supports for creating and maintaining a healthy sangha or community
2022-02-28 meditation: cultivating an attitude of welcome 44:16
Jill Shepherd
Monday morning "start your week well" meditation: cultivating an attitude of welcome to whatever our experience is right now
2022-03-03 talk: Taking Refuge in Sangha p2 - the support of dāna / generosity 26:26
Jill Shepherd
Exploring how generosity is the life-blood of sangha, and how taking refuge in sangha can help strengthen generosity and provide an antidote to some of the toxic effects of capitalism
2022-03-10 meditation: breathing and resilience 28:35
Jill Shepherd
Short instructions for orienting to the body then breathing, and how returning to the breath can support more resilience
2022-03-10 talk: sangha as support for facing the challenges of our time 26:28
Jill Shepherd
Exploring sangha as an expression of interconnectedness and how this can be an antidote to mainstream values of individualism; includes perspectives from indigenous climate activists from around the world (Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, Bayo Akomolafe, India Logan-Riley)
2022-04-10 meditation: mindfulness of mindfulness 27:17
Jill Shepherd
Bringing awareness to the quality of mindfulness itself, and as needed, infusing it with kindness, compassion, appreciation or equanimity
2022-05-19 talk: connecting with the more than human world 16:48
Jill Shepherd
Investigating how our sense of community can be expanded to include the more than human world, closing with some relational practice in pairs, exploring our kinship with all beings
2022-06-16 talk: sangha as support for facing in to the climate crisis 18:43
Jill Shepherd
With sangha as support, turning towards the reality of the climate crisis using the Active Hope process created by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone
2022-06-23 A short talk on developing gratitude as a resource for facing up to the climate crisis 11:34
Jill Shepherd
Developing gratitude as a resource that strengthens our capaity to turn towards challenges, based on the Active Hope training by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone
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