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Retreat Dharma Talks

Cultivation and Insight

An eight-day online retreat with Gil Fronsdal and Jill Shepherd for Auckland Insight

2022-02-12 (9 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

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2022-02-12 01 meditation: arriving and settling in 14:39
Jill Shepherd
A short meditation to help people arrive for the start of the retreat, settling into the body sitting and breathing
2022-02-12 02 instructions: orientation to the retreat 15:33
Jill Shepherd
How to approach the online retreat format
2022-02-12 03 meditation: orienting to kindness and ease 14:56
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by establishing a kind relationship to technology, then people on the screen, then settling into the body and orienting to ease
2022-02-13 09 talk: Cultivating Stability 45:42
Gil Fronsdal
Cultivating stability as one of the beneficial conditions htat supports insight to arise
2022-02-13 10 reflections: strengthening steadiness and stability 12:10
Jill Shepherd
Short reflections on the preliminary processes of this retreat: orienting to steadiness and stability, and noticing what gets in the way; sensitising ourselves to the stress of self-referencing thought-patterns, and to the ease that becomes available when they're released.
2022-02-13 11 meditation: body, breathing 30:07
Jill Shepherd
Establishing awareness of the body sitting, then experience of breathing, attuning to the rhythm of receiving and releasing, and gently letting go of involvement in thinking
2022-02-14 12 instructions and meditation: mindfulness of breathing 57:08
Gil Fronsdal
Bringing awareness to how we're paying attention, allowing it to be relaxed and easy as we steady our mindfulness on the experience of breathing
2022-02-14 13 talk: Well-being 48:42
Gil Fronsdal
The importance of cultivating dharma joy or well-being, which includes qualities such as ease, warmth, happpiness, contentment, gladness, delight, bliss, as supports for the path to freedom
2022-02-14 14 meditation: Well-being 15:39
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by orienting to appreciation as a support for settling the body, heart and mind into well-being (note: due to a technical glitch, the recording stopped after the first set of instructions and the ending instructions weren't included)
2022-02-15 15 meditation: mindfulness of the body 46:38
Gil Fronsdal
Progressing from mindfulness of breathing to mindfulness of the body, bringing awareness to physical sensations
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