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Retreat Dharma Talks

Lovingkindness/Metta Retreat as Ceremony

The Buddha taught practices for the cultivation of metta (lovingkindness). The word metta is derived from another ancient Pali word, mitta, which means friend and also sun. Once again, in Buddhism, we return to the natural world, to the sun’s warmth, strength, and health. Metta practice can genuinely transform our hearts/minds, improving and bringing ease into our lives. As Bhante Gunaratana says, “Metta is not ordinary love. It is the quality of love we experience in our whole being, a love that has no ulterior motive — and no opposite. It can never become hatred; the love-hate dichotomy does not apply”.

2024-04-13 (5 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2024-04-14 Metta meditation: why and how 44:55
Bonnie Duran
This talk reviewed the Karaniya sutta about why and how we do metta
2024-04-15 Guided metta from benefactor 58:04
Bonnie Duran
This is the John Makransky - Tibetan metta practice of receiving metta from a benefactor
2024-04-15 Loving kindness for the neutral person 45:59
Jean Esther
Understanding that we are all interconnected - offering loving kindness for a neutral person through the sense of a separate self
2024-04-16 Perfectionism is an impediment to awakening 49:09
Jean Esther
What derails us on and off to cushion? This talk is an invitation to investigation perfectionism, the vulnerability that lies beneath it and the power of practicing with the 10 paramis in daily life.
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