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Retreat Dharma Talks

Online meditation day: Exploring vedanā or feeling-tone

A day of online meditation exploring the Second Establishment of Mindfulness, mindfulness of feeling-tone or vedanā, with Willa Reid, Elizabeth Day and Jill Shepherd

2023-06-25 (1 day) Auckland Insight Meditation

2023-06-25 01 short opening talk and guided meditation establishing the theme of exploring feeling-tone 32:06
Jill Shepherd, Elizabeth Day, Willa Thaniya Reid
2023-06-25 02 meditation: feeling-tone in relation to embodied experience 30:36
Willa Thaniya Reid
2023-06-25 04 meditation: exploring feeling-tone in relation to sounds 31:30
Jill Shepherd
Exploring feeling-tone in relation to hearing: noticing pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feeling-tones and releasing any tendency to move into reactivity
2023-06-25 05 meditation: feeling tone and responses 30:18
Willa Thaniya Reid
2023-06-25 07 meditation: opening to pleasant feeling-tones 30:16
Jill Shepherd
2023-06-25 08: Questions and Reflections 28:30
Willa Thaniya Reid, Elizabeth Day, Jill Shepherd
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