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Retreat Dharma Talks

Summer Insight Meditation Retreat

The emphasis in this retreat will be on continuity of awareness in all activities, stabilizing the mind, and cultivating insight. Combining relaxation with clarity, we will explore the liberating teachings of the Buddha, including the foundations of mindfulness, the radical nature of impermanence, and the cessation of craving.

Practitioners are encouraged to combine the Summer Insight Retreat with the Summer Lovingkindness (mettā) Retreat, although this is not required. For those attending both retreats, the teachers will guide and integrate the retreats as one offerings. Those who attend the mettā retreat will have the option to continue with formal mettā as their primary practice through the second retreat. This retreat is silent except for teacher-led Q&A, small groups, or other practice meetings.

NEW! IMPORTANT CHANGE in 2023 – the previously known July Insight retreat (with Joseph Goldstein and Team) will be held as an online only retreat. The Metta and Insight retreats have been pushed to August and are NOT a lottery-style registration for 2023. These retreats will return to July in 2024.

2023-08-21 (9 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2023-08-22 Instructions with Anchor/Home Base (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:39
Rebecca Bradshaw
2023-08-23 Guided Meditation: Hearing, Sensing, Breathing-Aware of Arising & Passing (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 50:55
John Martin
2023-08-23 Vedena: the Secret Teaching of “Here and Now” Freedom (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 46:57
Kristina Bare
Evening dhamma talk at Summer Insight Retreat.
2023-08-24 Craving, Aversion, and Delusion (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 51:11
Rebecca Bradshaw
Discusses how to be mindfully with these three protections.
2023-08-25 Exploring Mindstates with RAIN (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 44:51
Kristina Bare
Morning instructions and guided sit at summer insight meditation retreat.
2023-08-25 Letting Go of Attachments-Brings Happiness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 47:38
John Martin
2023-08-26 Morning Instructions on Thoughts (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 38:53
Rebecca Bradshaw
Includes short explanation of being with thoughts mindfully and Guided Meditation with experiments.
2023-08-26 Practicing Mudita with a Fluid Heart (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 33:38
Kristina Bare
Afternoon Brahmavihara instruction at Summer Insight Meditation retreat.
2023-08-27 Brahmaviharas for All Beings (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 41:29
John Martin
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