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Retreat Dharma Talks

Two-week insight meditation retreat

A two-week retreat for experienced meditators led by Willa Thaniya Reid, Elizabeth Day and Jill Shepherd, combining approaches from the Thai Forest and Western Insight traditions.

2023-08-19 (15 days) Te Moata Retreat Center

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2023-08-19 01 opening talks and guided meditation 53:38
Jill Shepherd, Elizabeth Day, Willa Thaniya Reid
Welcome and orientation to the retreat structure and purpose, with guided standing and sitting meditation
2023-08-20 03 talk: the precepts as support for establishing the wholesome 23:15
Willa Thaniya Reid
2023-08-21 04 instructions: Mindfulness of the body and mindfulness of breathing 50:29
Jill Shepherd
Establishing a strong foundation of embodied awareness as an antidote to the tendency to be lost in the mind
2023-08-22 06 instructions: following the pathway of the breath 50:21
Willa Thaniya Reid
2023-08-22 08 talk: the four brahmavihāra as supports for releasing the hindrances 28:39
Jill Shepherd
An overview of kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity, and how they can be used as antidote to the hindrances
2023-08-23 10 instructions and meditation exploring feeling-tone or vedanā 24:34
Jill Shepherd
How feeling-tone conditions reactivity when there's no mindfulness, then exploring vedanā in relation to the sense doors of seeing, hearing and the body
2023-08-23 11 talk: an overview of the Four Noble Truths 32:48
Willa Thaniya Reid
2023-08-24 12 instructions and meditation: pleasant unworldly vedanā and mettā 41:12
Jill Shepherd
Exploring pleasant worldly and unworldly vedanā as a support for mettā; guided meditation orienting to the embodied energy of warmth and kindness, and inviting that energy to pervade in all directions
2023-08-24 15 instructions: reviewing the four brahmavihāra heart qualities 52:53
Willa Thaniya Reid
An overview of the brahmavihāra heart qualities and their role in supporting ease and well-being; guided meditation opening to the sense doors with this same ease and well-being
2023-08-24 13 instructions: vitakka and vicara - placing and receiving 22:31
Willa Thaniya Reid
Exploring the mental factors of vitakka and vicara as placing attention on the meditation object and receiving its qualities
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