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Retreat Dharma Talks

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Regular weekly talks given at the lower Spirit Rock meditation hall

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2010-01-30 Awakening Joy Daylong PM Session 3:09:21
James Baraz
James and co-writer of Awakening Joy Shoshana Alexander, plus many friends from the 10-month course--dharma teachers, happiness experts, neuroscientists, musicians and more--share their thoughts on true happiness. This is the PM Session which includes Syvia Boorstein, and Anam Thubten Rinpoche.
2010-02-01 Understanding The "Self" 53:37
Mark Coleman
2010-02-03 Practicing with the Body- Part I 60:12
Donald Rothberg
The body is the doorway to great transformation and mystery. Practicing with awareness of the body is central to grounding our practice in a highly mental culture. We explore 1) the importance of body-based practice, 2) our cultural and personal attitudes toward our bodies, and 3) a set of initial body practices.
2010-02-08 The Power of Dharma 53:12
Kevin Griffin
Exploring the connection between the "12 Step Higher Power" and Dharma teaching.
2010-02-10 Practicing with the Body- Part 2 65:15
Donald Rothberg
We review and expand the themes from last time- the importance of body practices for our times and lives, exploring our attitudes toward the body and developing basic body practices. Then we focus on mindfulness of the body, outlining several further practices and emphasizing especially how body practices help us practice more fully and critically in the flow of the daily life.
2010-02-15 Love, Wisdom, and Awakening 51:37
Nina Wise
The journey and thread that weaves through each,... one begets and is of the other... how Valentines day and Presidents day can lead us to Awakening...
2010-02-17 Practicing with the Body Part 3: Cultivating Wisdom 59:37
Donald Rothberg
After a brief review of the first two series, we focus on body practices to develop insight into 1) impermanence, 2) suffering and the roots of suffering, and 3)constructions of self. We suggest several concrete practices to develop wisdom through awareness of bodily experience.
2010-02-22 Not Self & The Five Aggregates 56:39
Mark Coleman
2010-02-24 Practicing with the Body- Part IV The Body-Mind-Heart Connection 59:43
Donald Rothberg
We review briefly our previous practices and investigations of body practices in the last three weeks. We then focus on the body's connection with mind and heart, how we practice individually with each of them, how we explore the dynamic relationship of body, mind, heart. We end by focusing on heart practices for our bodies and those of others, and on opening to the further mysteries of bodies.
2010-03-01 Aloneness and Love 54:36
Mark Coleman
What is the relationship between love, attachment & aloneness. How does aloneness support us coming home to ourselves.
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