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Dharma Talks
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2017-01-01 Guided meditation on the full awareness of the breathing body 41:23
Yanai Postelnik
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Embodying the Heart of Wisdom: New Year’s Retreat

2016-12-29 Meditation - Nine Breathing Exercises to release Dead Energies 33:00
Anam Thubten
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2016 IMCW New Year Retreat: Awakening the Heart of Compassion

2016-12-04 Spirit Rock, Guided Meditation: 12 Fold Breathing & Yin Breathing with Manuela Mischke-Reeds 64:53
Heather Sundberg
Recording #4, Guided Meditation: 12 Fold Breathing & Yen Breathing
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-09-11 The Realm of Subtle Form 33:20
Ajahn Sucitto
Standing Meditation: Find balance, where least effort is needed. From the soles of the feet, begin to sweep awareness up into the legs, belly, chest, head until each piece merges into an undivided whole that is rhythmically breathing. This is the realm of subtle form.
London Insight Meditation Guided by Nature

2016-06-11 Guided Meditation - Breathing, Mental Perception and Release 27:38
Ajahn Sucitto
Madison Insight Meditation Group :  Beyond Time and Space

2016-06-10 Evening Guided Meditation on Body Elements, Skin and Breathing 45:36
Ajahn Sucitto
Madison Insight Meditation Group :  Beyond Time and Space

2016-06-09 Mindfulness with Breathing 1:13:48
Shaila Catherine
Shaila Catherine gave the first talk in a four-week series titled "Cultivating Mindfulness." This talk focused on using the breath as the meditation object. When we observe our breath, our mind is free from unwholesome states, such as anger, greed, or doubt, because we are simply connecting with the very ordinary experience of breathing. We are not being pushed or pulled by desire or aversion. In fact, when we connect with the breath, we experience ease and happiness.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
In collection: Cultivating Mindfulness

2016-05-10 Guided Meditation on Breathing 20:34
Ajahn Sucitto
Get the body grounded, set the spine, sense the balance. Trace the rhythm of breathing, apply some tuning, let its energy spread through the body. Enjoy.
Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center Rewilding The Mind

2016-03-11 Sitting on Potential Found in Body-Mind 66:28
Ajahn Sucitto
Arriving Potential Guided meditation (with rain) Posture No past, no future, rhythmic breathing, Trust breath Refuge and Precepts
Dharmagiri Healing the Cracks: Generosity and Interdependence

2015-12-31 Picking Up a Sign and Making Much of It 18:54
Ajahn Sucitto
When starting meditation, begin with balancing and calming the body and breathing, but just getting it good enough. This is something that is gained through direct practice over time. Bring certain signs (nimita) to mind to aid in calming. The mind’s tendency is to focus on negative things. Practice bringing the beautiful to mind and make much of it.
Uttama Bodhi Vihara :  Meditation Retreat with Luang Por Sucitto in Uttama Bodhi Vihara (UBV)

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