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Dharma Talks
2022-10-15 Imagination as a Spiritual Faculty 43:11
Catherine McGee
Gaia House Compassion, Beauty and Imagination

2022-10-15 Guided meditation on elements 13:13
Willa Thaniya Reid
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center ‘There is nothing you need hold on to, there is nothing you need push away’: A path to the peace of letting go

2022-10-15 4 nobles vérités (Rimouski) 67:13
Pascal Auclair
True North Insight TNI Regular Talks

2022-10-16 Reflection on Sangha as Path Enterers 10:11
Ajahn Sucitto
The Pali description of Sangha as 'those who enter' provides a useful template for practice.
Meditationszentrum Beatenberg Love is the Breath of Life

2022-10-16 Emptiness and Otherness 46:32
Yahel Avigur
Gaia House Compassion, Beauty and Imagination

2022-10-16 Q & A 1:11:30
Ajahn Sucitto
01:25 Can you clarify what you said about agitation over sound and shifting it to get to the displeasure. How do you dissolve the person who is angry?; 18:54 I experience a lot of pain and have a hard time relaxing in daily life; 23:16 I have a hard time softening my eyes in daily busy life; 26:28 What is the difference between citta, mind and consciousness? What moves between life and life?; 38:37 What is pure awareness?; 40:22 Regarding energy, can you say more about how to handle physical blockages and constrictions in the body? What is the place of energy management? Is that on the path to wisdom?; 50:26 I feel trapped in my head. I can’t feel the breathing; 51:34 Restraint of the senses; 54:03 How can I handle deliberate aggression towards me?; 56:37 What’s the difference between citta and dhamma?; 57:50 What is jhana?;
Meditationszentrum Beatenberg Love is the Breath of Life

2022-10-16 Civic Discourse, Right Speech, and Get Out the Vote! 64:44
Mushim Ikeda
Spirit Rock Meditation Center BIPOC Voices - Series

2022-10-16 The Climate Crisis and the Middle Path 1:33:18
Pamela Weiss
San Francisco Insight Meditation Community SFI Sunday Nights

2022-10-16 Bringing Mindfulness/Wisdom to Our Actions 61:34
Carol Wilson
Intention, and wise attention
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

2022-10-17 Heart-Body-Mental Energies-Purifying-Merging 61:53
Ajahn Sucitto
The ever-changing nature of experience is fundamental to Buddhist understanding. Learning how to directly apprehend these dynamic energies reveals the deathless.
Meditationszentrum Beatenberg Love is the Breath of Life

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