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Dharma Talks
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2020-07-18 Q&A 41:50
  Ajahn Sucitto
Working with feeling foggy in meditation; firmness and openness in walking meditation; relationship between emotions and bodily tension; working with doubt; releasing energy through hands, feet and head; cultivating generosity triggers constriction.
Sunyata Buddhist Centre :  Unrestricted Awareness

2020-07-18 Walking Meditation: Come Out of the Boundary of Me 8:40
  Ajahn Sucitto
Instructions for experiencing unrestricted awareness while walking: give attention to the flow of energy from firmness to openness. Notice the restrictions of visual and mental consciousness creeping in, and bring attention back to the rhythmic play of energy.
Sunyata Buddhist Centre :  Unrestricted Awareness

2020-07-09 03 guided meditation: standing then walking 14:07
  Jill Shepherd
Instructions to continue mindfulness of the body while changing posture from sitting to standing, then walking together as a group, in a circle
Auckland Insight Meditation Foundations of Insight

2020-06-07 Guided Meditation and Walking Instructions 26:31
  Zohar Lavie
Nirodha Insight Meditation in Finland Coming to Life - Waking up and getting intimate with existence

2020-02-22 Walking Meditation: Keep the Whole Body Open 8:15
  Ajahn Sucitto
Walking meditation is a whole body experience. Set up the upright and lateral frame, and extend the web of energy across the whole body. ‘Listen’ with the skin as you walk, taking in the space. When the body feels its wholeness it becomes more balanced and relaxed, conducing to release.
Emoyeni Retreat Center :  Clearing and Renewal

2020-02-15 Walking Meditation: Open and Moored to a Firm Center 5:08
  Ajahn Sucitto
Practice with keeping the front center of the body open, as if the skin boundary is feeling and reading the movement through space. Mind opens, drops some of its congestion. Thought patterns can be ventilated. Most important is to remain open and moored to a firm center.
Buddhist Retreat Center, Ixopo, South Africa :  Ajahn Sucitto, Firm Center Open Heart Retreat

2020-02-12 4 Basic Postures 34:43
  Ajahn Sucitto
An overview of the 4 basic postures for meditation: sitting, standing [14:00], walking [17:05] and reclining [25:45].
Buddhist Retreat Center, Ixopo, South Africa :  Ajahn Sucitto, Firm Center Open Heart Retreat

2019-12-31 Five Tips For Walking Meditation 5:02
  Catherine McGee
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2019-12-15 How to Cultivate Samādhi in Walking Meditation 17:27
  Ajahn Sucitto
Walking meditation supports the mind to come to a very balanced state. Let unskillful states and attitudes steam off as you walk. What’s left is something bright, warm and comfortable. Let the mind rest in that.
Uttama Bodhi Vihara :  Retreat with Ajahn Sucitto

2019-11-02 Day 1 Instruction: Walking and Standing Meditation 9:39
  Ruth King
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2019 IMCW Fall Retreat: Intimacy with Life

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