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Oren Jay Sofer's Dharma Talks
Oren Jay Sofer
Developing a clear understanding of the teachings and learning to fully inhabit the body have been core parts of my Dhamma practice. These areas, as well a strong emphasis on the heart, inform and shape my teaching. The few years I spent training as an Anagarika in the Thai Forest monasteries broadened my understanding of the Buddha's teachings and instilled a profound respect for the Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni Sangha. All along the way, I've been particularly interested in how other modalities like Nonviolent Communication and Somatics can support our growth in awakening.
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2022-01-12 Guided Meditation: Nourishing the Heart 54:06
Guided meditation on noticing and dwelling on what's uplifting in the heart.
2021-12-20 Guided Meditation & Instructions 62:06
Building on Samatha practice, we begin to include physical sensations and sound in our practice. This meditation also offers pointers on working with unpleasant sensations.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center "Winter Solstice Retreat: Embracing the Dark, Inviting the Light" with Heather Sundberg, Oren Jay Sofer, SEP and Dawn Scott
2021-12-03 Wisdom and Insight 56:01
As the path unfolds, mindfulness and concentration lead naturally to the development of wisdom. Wisdom understands the difference between what is skillful and unskillful, perceives things as they are and knows suffering and its end.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Concentration and Insight
2021-11-30 Guided Meditation: Anchoring Attention and Settling (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 1:13:47
Morning instructions of Day 1 offering an overview of how and why to use an anchor to support settling and collecting
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Concentration and Insight
2021-08-20 The Art of Samatha-Vipassana: Instructions & Guided Meditation 56:34
Morning instructions and guided meditation on finding your own way with the art of meditation practice, putting things down, and picking them up.
Insight Meditation Retreats The Way of Insight
2021-06-17 How we Hold the Practice: Guided Meditation and Instructions 38:49
Morning instructions and guided meditation on how to hold and relate to the primary object/anchor.
Insight Meditation Retreats Awareness and Love: Insight Meditation Retreat
2021-04-07 The Foundations of Contemplative Practice 52:04
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
2021-04-01 Compassion like an Old Friend 48:10
(Day 1) Compassion is the open heart's response to suffering and a profound resource for meeting life. By attending to our experience closely we can develop compassion for ourselves and the world with the care and strength of an old friend.
Insight Meditation Retreats Steadying the Heart
2021-01-08 Touching Joy and Meeting Difficulties 52:28
As we walk the Buddha's path, difficulties and challenges are part of the journey. It takes support and a heart of joy to meet the hard places. This talk explores some of the common challenges and three key supports on the path to Awakening.
Insight Meditation Retreats January 2021 Insight Meditation Retreat
2020-04-30 Closing Session + Q&A 39:36
Closing session for the month of April online teachings at the Forest Refuge, with Caroline Jones.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge Forest Refuge April Retreat Online

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