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Oren Jay Sofer's Dharma Talks
Oren Jay Sofer
Developing a clear understanding of the teachings and learning to fully inhabit the body have been core parts of my Dhamma practice. These areas, as well a strong emphasis on the heart, inform and shape my teaching. The few years I spent training as an Anagarika in the Thai Forest monasteries broadened my understanding of the Buddha's teachings and instilled a profound respect for the Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni Sangha. All along the way, I've been particularly interested in how other modalities like Nonviolent Communication and Somatics can support our growth in awakening.
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2014-11-01 Journey To Embodiment 57:02
Understanding the role of the body in Dhamma practice and working with difficult states.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three Month - Part 2
2014-08-07 The Five Spiritual Faculties 49:45
How the innate supports for practice function and are developed on the path.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Young Adults Retreat
2014-06-17 "Where Are You Coming From?" Brahmavihara as a foundation for Wise Speech 52:43
A practical exploration of how the cultivation of the heart supports the practice of wise speech and the transformation of afflictive mind states.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindful Communication: A Wise Speech Retreat
2013-06-12 Empathy and the practice of relationship 1:16:05
How do we bridge the seeing gap between silent mediation and our lives relationships? Reflections and tools for broadening our sense of awakening.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2011-06-03 Sangha Refuge and the Relational Field of Practice 55:30
How do we understand the role of community, the refuge of sangha and our life's relationships in the context of the Buddha's teachings?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness, Wise Speech, and Compassionate Communication
2011-06-01 The Heart that Feels 53:22
Exploring the cultivation of the heart and empathy in the context of wise speech practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

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