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James Baraz's Dharma Talks
James Baraz
I try to convey that the wisdom and compassion we are looking for is already inside of us. I see practice as learning how to purify our mind and heart so we can hear the Buddha inside. In doing so, we naturally embody the dharma and help awaken that understanding and love in others we meet.
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2023-08-24 Showing Up as a Joyful Responsibility 43:12
This moment in time is calling us to contribute what we can to bring more consciousness into the world. But rather than acting from anger or despair I believe the key is to come from love and even joy. One of my teachers calls this our "joyful responsibility."
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-06-22 Unhooking Yourself from Suffering 44:49
A practice to shift from being caught in a suffering state to remembering that freedom is just a moment away. This is a way to change the channel from being lost in an unwholesome state to opening to a wholesome state.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-05-25 Compassion - Why and How 50:37
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-05-18 The Buddha's Teaching on "One Fortunate Attachment" 55:03
This discourse by the Buddha' is called "One Fortunate Attachment" (Majjhima Nikaya Sutta #131). Although the Buddha spoke of attachment as being the cause of suffering, he did teach there is one attachment that is wholesome and leads to the highest happiness. We will explore this wholesome attachment and see how it can be applied to everyday life
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-05-15 The Secret Ingredients of Dharma Practice 1:24:51
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2023-04-27 SANGHA! In Person and Online, Our First Hybrid Gathering! 50:43
James and Eve are delighted to host the first in person meeting at the Berkeley Buddhist monastery since Covid changed our lives. In addition to a Dharma talk and exploration about Sangha, Eve brings her guitar and shares some music.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-04-06 The Secret to Bringing Out the Best in Others 49:43
Here is a practice that is the secret to bring out the best in others. It's a simple yet powerful practice that puts people at ease and helps awaken a feeling of trust, safety, and loving kindness. And it feels good for the person practicing it as well.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-03-23 The Shift of Practice from “Doing” to “Being” 54:51
While it’s true that it takes effort to come back to the present moment each time the mind wanders, the most profound practice is when we let go of all effort and simply rest in the awareness that’s always here. This shift from “doing” to the complete relaxation of “non-doing” or simply “Being” is what the Tibetans call the deep and subtle practice of “Non-Meditation”.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-03-02 The Cosmic Game of Hide and Seek 53:25
A classical text from Kashmir Shaivism entitled "Realization of Our True Heart" or Pratyabijñāhṛdaya, describes in a few lines how we and everything in physical form is simply an expression of Divine Play of the universe –what in Hinduism is called the lila or dance of consciousness. This talk explores one perspective of the Mystery, that which cannot be named.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-02-23 Devotion in Practice (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 69:46
Although devotion plays a significant role in Monastic Communities and Tibetan practices it is not something often discussed in lay communities. Yet devotion can be a major source of inspiration which can fuel our practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Insight Meditation One Month Retreat

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