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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2006-07-19 Guided Meditation - Lifting The Heart 42:36
The process of samādhi is as important as anything else, wherever the process lands. Give priority to 3 fundamental roots: inclination towards kindness/well-being; protection/warding off what’s harmful; letting go of sense contact.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-18 The Precious Flaw 42:21
Meditation is not about getting any particular state or feeling. It’s about knowing what’s happening without getting bonded to it. Only by handling experience is there freedom. What we handle is our precious, necessary flaw – our suffering. Meet it and know it as Mara.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-17 The Person And The Undefinable 60:58
A reflection on the theme of being a person without a self. Only working with what can be defined – knowing what is skillful and unskillful, what causes suffering and what causes non-suffering. Far more than the benefit of calm, you’re then working with the roots of this personhood, learning how to handle aspects of the person without constructing a self.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-16 Resonating With Suchness 26:45
The capacity of the resonant mind to listen, to be empathetic, is tremendously helpful. It’s what we set up in puja. The mundane is held in a blessed way. Things we didn’t know we needed to be felt are felt – it goes beyond words.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-16 The Whole Person - Integrating Bodily/Emotive/Rational Patterns 56:13
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-16 Guided Meditation On Energetics - Deepening Ground 47:57
In meditation the ground has to be both clear and enjoyable. Make a joyful kind of effort. Refer to breathing to give focus; refer to the physical when the mind spins out. Track energy along the chakras – expand it, spread it around. May this be well.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-16 The Whole Person - integrating bodily, emotive, rational patterns 56:14
A teaching on the faculties of body, speech and mind and their patterning, saṇkhāra. In meditation, we work with the energy of these patternings. Clear and soothe body energies with breathing, and heart energies open. Upright presence of body allows us to remain attuned with the madness of the mind.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-14 Hindrances & Entering The Place Of Presence 60:04
There’s a glow and energizing effect to the hindrances that we’re attracted to. But if we lose presence in their pursuit, we don’t notice how they burn us. Samadhi is the overcoming of this, the coming into presence. The stages of samadhi cultivation are described, grounding the heart in the body so doesn’t rush out with feeling.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-13 Guided Meditation - Opening To The Sense Of 'other' 21:04
The tendency is to conceive ourselves as being a separate entity; yet, we’re always in something. There is something around us without which we wouldn’t survive. Practice sensing into the ‘us-ness’, the sense of me and something else. Mindfulness of body and breathing support this practice.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat
2006-07-13 Steadying Presence - Breathing Where You Are 46:58
With breathing we are coming into different aspect of body, the energy body. Feel the internal body with reference to breathing. Use the thinking mind to keep pointing – where am I? Heart picks up feelings of space, gladness ease. Body, heart mind work together to clear kammic disturbances in the energy field. Walking instructions at the end.
Cittaviveka Vassa 2006 Group Retreat

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