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The greatest gift is the
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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2023-07-13 Guided Standing Meditation 17:38
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-13 Finding stability through the aggregates 61:46
Understanding the aggregates allows us to see our world is a tangled web of conditions that needs untangling not tearing.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-13 Guided Meditation 18:31
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-12 Raising up with puja 10:09
We use puja to exercise and develop our heart quality of honouring and respecting.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-12 Responding to the call of spirit, of faith 60:20
We use our practice for understanding the direct and intimate experience. This experience cannot be predicted, imposed or demanded, but it arises, offering itself for our careful attention.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-11 ‘Welcome to Gaia’ guided meditation on the interconnected cosmos. 29:15
The initial disorientation of entering a retreat is useful. It reveals how familiarity breeds stagnation, blinding us to the deeper reality and vitality of being alive.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-09 Goodwill supervises the Path 37:16
Our life is the ever-changing experience of ourselves and the world around us - internally and externally. Cultivating goodwill provides stability for piloting this interaction.
Hartridge Monestary
2023-06-25 Discovering and cultivating a tenacity of purpose 37:35
Forms and our responses to them are always arising and passing away, including the form called "retreat". The learning that comes from using these forms is independent of these changes. It requires our tenacity.
Moulin de Chaves Regaining the Centre
2023-06-25 Q&A 48:35
Questions are précised - 00:15 Q1 What’s the difference between QiGong and standing meditation? 02:34 Q2 Is there a specific QiGong for meditation? 03:00 Q3 What is the proper balance between sitting, standing and walking? 04:49 Q4 Can you speak more about the forms of knowing described in the satipatanna sutta? 20:38 Q5 What’s a helpful sequence of steps to take in a meditation?28:16 Q6 I find a lot of energy goes into the head when I meditate. What do you suggest? 30:20 Q7 Normally I find in my meditation there is a subtle feeling of pushing or trying. If that is acknowledged there is more of a sense of flowing and playfulness. How can I cultivate this more consistently? 33:36 Q8 I had a very nice walking meditation experience with gratitude and opening. Then there were feelings of fragility and vulnerability. What can you advise? 36:01 Q9 I find myself getting very frozen or locked when I go into my job responsibilities. What’s happening here? 39:19 Q10 We talk about safety and feeling secure. I think this attachment is not the same as the attachment we talks about in Buddhism. What do you think?
Moulin de Chaves Regaining the Centre
2023-06-25 Walking Meditation 5:59
Moulin de Chaves Regaining the Centre

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