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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2021-10-15 Right effort = responsibility with energy 38:56
Energy is a constant fact of life. If you don’t apply it, it gets applied – there’s no neutral place. Be responsible. That’s what right effort means, constantly taking responsibility for where your energy goes. It’s an act of heedfulness and careful attention – choose what you want to abide in.
Cittaviveka Cittaviveka 2021 Rains Retreat - Closing Group Practice
2021-10-14 Web of goodness 36:43
We live in a human context with its mixture of bright and discordant energies. Our individual internal contexts are no different. We cultivate to potentize Dhamma factors for our own benefit and the benefit of the world. Grounding in wholesome qualities and steadiness of body, we find a raft in this very flooded swampy saṁsāra from which we can meet and review the flood of emotions and impulses.
Cittaviveka Cittaviveka 2021 Rains Retreat - Closing Group Practice
2021-10-09 Brahmaviharā Mantra Chant 2:13
Mettā, karuṇā, muditā, upekkhā...
Chicago Theosophical Society :  Brahmavihara Workshop
2021-10-09 A vehicle for liberation 38:34
We can reach into that which is bigger than our personal form, where we don’t feel the separation, we feel held by something that never leaves us – the boundless heart. We’re never totally closed, we just have scar tissue, and it can be brought back to life. This is the medium – lovingkindness, compassion, measureless, unrestricted. This is a vehicle for transformation and liberation from being identified from the world of circumstance.
Chicago Theosophical Society :  Brahmavihara Workshop
2021-10-09 Q&A 22:29
(1:20) Returning to the unfettered after restriction; (6:22) romantic love; (8:50) holding in between breathing in and out; (13:31) feelings of restriction; (16:37) where emotions tend to arise in the body; (19:20) mind is easily distracted.
Chicago Theosophical Society :  Brahmavihara Workshop
2021-10-09 Let the heart express itself 23:14
Love can come to be seen as a reward for good boys and girls. But it’s not a reward, and it’s not a social courtesy. It’s unfettered receptivity to the felt experience of being human. Gently removing barriers and setting aside distortions, stay steady with the natural trembling of being touched and let the heart express itself.
Chicago Theosophical Society :  Brahmavihara Workshop
2021-10-09 Guided Meditation: Heartfulness – a natural quality 20:59
As you come into presence, feeling body and breathing, mind naturally wants to wander off. Return because there’s something enjoyable and essential to nourish yourself with. Open up to the capacity for enjoyment of the qualities and energies that begin to be felt. Enjoy the present moment as it is – a gift.
Chicago Theosophical Society :  Brahmavihara Workshop
2021-10-09 Natural flowing of goodwill 18:49
The brahmaviharā are often referred to as sublime abiding places. This is the realm of heart, not a sensory realm but a spiritual one. The heart is often troubled in daily life. With the removal of obstacles and the sense of separation, the natural flowing of heartful qualities is restored. These are part of our nature, treasures of the gone forth person.
Chicago Theosophical Society :  Brahmavihara Workshop
2021-10-06 Gathering allies for liberation 52:03
As we practice, there can be an urge to get out of this world. Rather than follow that instinct, find a way to move through the world in a way that’s harmonious. By being heedful, lifting attention, disengaging and seeing the world clearly, there is the possibility to act rather than get swept up. The 5 indriya are our allies, protecting the heart as we put the teachings into practice in our lives.
2021-08-31 Measureless heart 49:06
The results of our actions – physical, mental and verbal – make the person. If we are generous or selfish, condemning or forgiving, the results wrap around the heart and shape the person. This is kamma – it’s not personal, it’s a law. Kamma isn’t locked, it can be turned. Turn towards the measureless states – abundant, exalted, free from ill-will.

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