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Retreat Dharma Talks

Insight Meditation + Insight Dialogue seven-day retreat

This seven day on-line retreat draws on the strengths of both silent and relational insight meditation to support an engaged exploration of the Buddha’s core teachings on freedom: freedom from afflictive states such as anger, fear, sadness, greed; and freedom to live with more ease, happiness, and peace.

2020-06-06 (7 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

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2020-06-06 07 talk: mindfulness and clear comprehension 24:08
Jill Shepherd
Exploring a variety of definitions of mindfulness, highlighting the aspect of clear comprehension as a support for insight, ending with dyad (pairs) practice investigating the experience of mindfulness in the moment
2020-06-08 14 instructions: opening up the field of awareness to include hearing 11:48
Jill Shepherd
Incorporating sounds into mindfulness practice
2020-06-08 15 guided meditation: opening to sounds 28:49
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with mindfulness of breathing to steady the awareness, then opening to physical sensations throughout the body, then opening to the experience of hearing, staying present to sounds as they arise and pass away
2020-06-08 16 talk: befriending the mind 43:27
Jill Shepherd
Exploring Mindfulness of the Mind as a means to develop a friendlier and more skilful relationship with our thoughts, emotions, moods and mind-states
2020-06-09 17 instructions: mindfulness of the mind 14:52
Jill Shepherd
Instructions for practising with mindfulness of thoughts and emotions
2020-06-09 21 instructions: practising compassion 2:30
Jill Shepherd
A short introduction to practising compassion and self compassion
2020-06-09 18 guided meditation: practising with thoughts and emotions 26:12
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by steadying the awareness on the breath and physical sensations, then opening to include sounds, then thoughts and emotions
2020-06-09 22 guided meditation: compassion and self-compassion 17:03
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with compassion for someone we're close to who's experiencing some kind of pain, then extending compassion to ourselves, our co-meditators and all living beings
2020-06-09 20 talk: wisdom and compassion 48:03
Jill Shepherd
How insight and the heart qualities of kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity balance each other out to support the development of deep freedom
2020-06-10 23 talk: Seven factors of Awakening 43:53
Jill Shepherd
An overview of the seven factors of awakening, and how to practice with more refined states of mind
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