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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Seven-day insight meditation retreat

Led by Gil Fronsdal and Jill Shepherd

2023-02-11 (8 days) Te Moata Retreat Center

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2023-02-11 01 talks: Retreat Opening and Orientation 59:53
Gil Fronsdal, Jill Shepherd
Introduction of teachers, supports for being on retreat (jill), and introduction of retreat theme: hindrances and assistances (Gil)
2023-02-12 05 meditation: Knowing, sensing, relaxing 17:26
Gil Fronsdal
2023-02-12 02 meditation: Arriving, settling in 38:18
Jill Shepherd
Orienting to here, now, this ... with kindness, as we settle in to being here, and navigate the challenges of the intense weather
2023-02-12 03 talk: Hindrances and Assistances - Sensual Desire 44:25
Gil Fronsdal
NOTE: recording cuts out after 30 minutes due to a technical error, sorry
2023-02-12 04 meditation: Finding steadiness in the midst of changing conditions 29:52
Jill Shepherd
Settling into the body, breathing, and opening to changing internal and external conditions
2023-02-13 06 meditation: Awareness of awareness 49:34
Gil Fronsdal
2023-02-13 07 talk: The hindrance of aversion and some strategies for working with it 42:14
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the characteristics of aversion or ill will, how "averting" can at times be skilful, and if an antidote to aversion is needed, compassion and particularly self-compassion can sometimes be more effective than mettā NOTE: recording cuts out after 30 minutes due to a technical error, sorry
2023-02-14 12 instructions: Mindfulness of thinking 14:13
Jill Shepherd
Some strategies for relating skilfully to thoughts
2023-02-14 08 instructions: Mindfulness of emotions 19:49
Gil Fronsdal
Some ways of relating skilfully to emotions
2023-02-14 13 meditation: Mindfulness of thinking 28:48
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with the breath, physical sensations and sounds, then opening up awareness to include thinking
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