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Dharma Talks
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2023-05-24 Reflections on Non-Clinging 30:02
Walt Opie
Walt begins this talk with his experience of the Golden Buddha, and goes on to explore non-clinging as a way of unveiling our own inner treasure. He offers concrete examples of impermanence in daily life which support letting go.
Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community

2023-05-17 Being with Daily Life Experience As "Sacred": Some Further Ways of Practicing 61:37
Donald Rothberg
After a guided meditation exploring the theme (also on Dharma Seed), we continue for a second week to examine how to support a sense of the ordinary aspects of daily life as being part of the process of awakening, as "sacred" or "sacramental," as connected moment-by-moment with our deeper values (and finding what language about this and what practices support us). We review the session from last time, with references to Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist contemplative practitioners who have articulated this sense of daily life practice, examining what gets in the way of this way of being with daily life (especially busyness, being lost in difficult emotions, and being cut off from the kind heart), and what supports it. Through stories and poetry, we then look in more depth at cultivating a sense of presence and even mystery in daily life, at how joy can open up this sense, and how it can be very helpful to support in different ways our understanding how the transformation of our wounds and difficulties can be seen as part of a "purification" process. In the discussion, we look more deeply into many of these themes.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2023-05-12 Liberation teachings for daily life 1:10:42
Joseph Goldstein
The challenge for us as laypeople practicing the dharma is to connect with the depth of the Buddha’s teachings on liberation in the midst of our daily life activities. This talk offers both a theoretical framework and practical exercises for putting these teachings into practice.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center The Path to Awakening

2023-05-10 Being with Daily Life Experience As Sacred: Some Ways of Practicing 60:45
Donald Rothberg
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2023-04-30 Integrating Practice into Daily Life 18:37
Gavin Milne
Gaia House Freeing the Heart at Home - Spacious Practice Weekend

2023-04-29 Evening Dharma Talk 63:36
Gavin Milne
Freeing the heart in daily life - radical kindness, and embracing our inner parts.
Gaia House Freeing the Heart at Home - Spacious Practice Weekend

2023-04-20 Q&A 58:12
Ajahn Sucitto
00:15 Can you clarify what is citta? And the asavas? 31:02 Q2 What is meant by nimitta? I’ve never experienced a light nimitta, but I experience calm and peace after I meditate. How can I go deeper into this? Q3 34:31 How can one speed up the process of becoming a stream enterer? 45:26 Q4 How do we practice mindfulness in daily life?
Palilai Buddhist Temple :  Deepen Your Practice

2023-03-30 Reflective Meditations - Utilizing the Thinking Mind 69:24
Ajahn Achalo
A talk and Q&A at Wat Marp Jan on the occasion of Ajahn Anan's birthday. Q&A starts: 35:18 Q1 May I know how can one start to train patient endurance? If one does not have any virtue, [does it mean] one cannot practice patient endurance? 39:48 Q2 Virtues mean high moral standards. How can one develop virtues? 43:33 Q3 How can I start to integrate meditation practice in my daily life when I feel I am still a slave to my cravings and often fall into their control and indulge in them? 46:50 Q4 How can I apply metta to myself and others and really mean it, when it comes to practicing in the sangha community. There is a difficult member in the sangha and saying may he or she be well is not working at least in my case it seems. Any advice please? 55:12 Q5 How do we train to rejoice in others' good fortune when we are having a bad time in our life? 57:52 Q6 What is your advice on doubt regarding which tradition to follow? 1:01:39 Q7 You spoke about developing equanimity [towards dukkha]. How can we practice this if the dukkha is overwhelming and we just want to escape the pain? 1:04:36 Q8 If I am unable to control my craving for food, does it mean I do not have virtue? I find myself gobbling down food and then it is never enough. I always tell myself it will be the last time but the cycle repeats tomorrow. 1:07:12 Q9 Could you give more detail about how to make an aspiration for one's next life? [example given]
Wat Marp Jan

2023-03-14 Practicing in daily life 51:05
Devon Hase
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Cultivating Awareness and Wisdom

2023-03-02 Practical Instructions for Mindfulness of Vedanā (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 63:31
Tempel Smith
With a wise expectation of the three kinds of vedanā, we steady our mindfulness to intimately connect with unpleasantness, pleasantness, and neutral experiences. This is the first step with vedanā. The second is to cool off the old habits of reactivity , and the third is seeing vedanā is not inherent in the objects of our attention. Vedanā arises due to contact with the 6 sense doors, and operates on its own independent conditinality. This is difficult to see in daily life, and a precious opportunity on silent retreat.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight Meditation One Month Retreat

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