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Guy Armstrong's Dharma Talks
Guy Armstrong
What has always engaged me is working with practitioners who are deepening their commitment to the Dharma and then seeing them take a quantum leap in their understanding. My contribution to this commitment is working towards conveying a Theravadan practice with a Mahayana spirit.
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1999-03-08 Motivation In Practice 59:19
finding a motivation that does not stop short
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1999-03-06 The Practice of Loving Kindness 60:38
1999-03-01 Karma 54:01
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1999-02-25 The Three Characteristics 57:39
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1999-02-22 Purification of the Heart 59:16
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1999-02-15 Renunciation 52:41
1998-12-01 The Five Aggregates - part 2 60:10
how the five aggregates reveal the characteristics of selflessness
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1998-11-28 The Five Aggregates - part I 58:11
Why the Buddha compared the physical world to an empty mass of form. Understanding why the five aggregates are empty and void of essence. Based on a sutta in the Samyntta Mikaya: "Form is like a lump of foam, and consiousness like a magic show."
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1998-11-24 Uncovering Ego 53:43
1998-03-07 Dharma In The Workplace 2:03:16
The Eightfold Path is a comprehensive guide to the Dharma practice in the workplace in such areas as the difficult person, the eight worldly concerns and mental stability.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
In collection Courageous Living

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