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The greatest gift is the
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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2023-05-12 GM 16:21
Dhamma Stream Online Sessions
2023-05-04 Embodiment and the Buddha's teaching 38:21
The different Buddhist traditions span many cultures and languages, exploring this psycho-spiritual sphere, using a stable body as its theme, free of greed and delusion. The teachings point to experiencing an end to the preoccupation with phenomena.
Bodhicharya Centre - Berlin
2023-05-04 Guided Meditation - posture 33:59
Bodhicharya Centre - Berlin
2023-05-03 How kamma can be directly sensed and released 30:37
We build awareness of the many ways in which heart intentions are responses to energy streams. Goodwill and selflessness are key to shedding the ‘me’ sense and understanding the power of the streams that create it.
Sage Institute
2023-05-03 Guided Meditation 21:03
Sage Institute
2023-05-03 Guided Meditation 20:59
Dhamma Stream Online Sessions
2023-04-27 Body - internal and external 34:23
Ajahn describes the framework of factors that the human body and mind have that receive experience. Walking instruction at 32:29
The Buddhist Academy Berlin Brandenburg :  The Touch of Release
2023-04-21 Q&A 68:18
00:09 Q1 Could you speak about the experience of thinking and emotions. 06:09 Q2 I feel I have no control. The music in my mind keeps playing, I feel I am going mad. How can I cultivate mindfully without making thoughts and stories stronger. 20:59 Q3 How can I deal with grief over loosing loved ones? 28:19 Q4 Is it normal to feel warm and perspire during sitting meditation? 32:56 Q5 Does it matter how you place the hands during sitting meditation? 35:40 Q6 When one sees the light – I guess this is meditation nimitta – do you focus on the breath or follow the light? 37:47 Q7 [Should one] place attention on the entire body even when walking? 47:43 Q7 I have scoliosis and am uncomfortable in every position. Are there techniques to help with body and mental pain skillfully when I meditate? 52:59 Q8 Regarding the 12 links of dependent origination, which link is the weakest? 59:46 Q9 How do we enter the stream? 01:01:45 Q10 Can you elaborate on what you said about what Sariputta and Moggallana understood regarding the arising of the Tathagata?
Palilai Buddhist Temple :  Deepen Your Practice
2023-04-21 Q&A 39:45
Questions are précised 00:15 Q1 Can you clarify why the Buddha recommended sense restraint in cultivating citta? What harm does sense desire to the citta? 04:20 Q2 I have a picture that the sense organs are shooting stuff into the citta. Is that correct? 12:42 Q3 How can I overcome sound distractions to focus more on my breathing ? 18:59 Q4 The Buddha said, light arose and vision arose. What does this mean? 20:27 Q5 If we trust in awareness, would this lead to attachment to citta and become another soul? 24:09 Q6 I feel emotions deeply and am sometimes affected by other being seen and unseen, like ghosts. Also getting angry gives me power and sometimes I feel that metta softens and weakens myself to others. How can I protect citta, one’s sensitivity? 30:45 Q7 How to distinguish between self-care and attachment?
Palilai Buddhist Temple :  Deepen Your Practice
2023-04-21 Attending to and letting go 50:43
What we attend to and what we leave out needs wise assessment. This leads to a deepening of wisdom and the abandonment of daily compulsive habits.
Palilai Buddhist Temple :  Deepen Your Practice

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