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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2020-02-09 Refuges, Precepts and Reflections 61:57
We can establish Firm Centre Open Heart as a core way of being. Refuges and precepts offer support as we train to remain awake and attentive outside of retreat. Vows of virtue and morality, when held with firm flexibility, allow wholesome qualities to be transmitted through the open heart.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-09 Turning Attention Back to the Source 36:54
Rather than asking why things arise, ask where. Turn attention towards the field of body, behind where phenomena arise. This is a quiet and stable place.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-08 How to Sustain an Open Heart 66:54
We can notice where we add stress to an already painful, difficult situation. The cause is tanhā and upādāna, craving and clinging. Use meditation to review the craving mind and feel the feeling without closing around it. The duty of the heart is to allow phenomena to arise and pass away.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-08 The Calming Effects of Puja 24:54
The devotional practices of pūjā can be used to steady the energetic field. Resonate simple sounds, images and meanings in the body to steady thought energy and open the heart.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-08 The Healing of an Opened Heart 58:02
An open heart is a transmitter of good qualities. Unsettled energies cause intentions and actions to lack clarity and steadiness. Relate to the energies of body, speech and mind with receptivity, compassion and goodwill. It’s the tonality that matters.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-07 Q&A 52:06
Can non-monastics in the west reach enlightenment? Attachment in relationships; How to encourage care for the environment; Qualities that free us from world of senses; Freedom from rage resulting from abusive relationships; Compassionate response to racist remarks
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-07 The Liberating View 13:53
A good part of our practice is adjustment in view. The divided view always leads to stirring and agitation. Deal with the rippling of energy directly in the wide overall field of body.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-07 Transformation of Consciousness 64:06
There can be a fundamental shifting of intention, of the source of kamma. Rather than following habitual reactions, hold them with a heart of goodwill and restraint. Through the expanding of relational intent is the cessation of suffering and stress.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-06 Mindfulness of Breathing 65:12
Rather than being about the inhalation and exhalation of breath, mindfulness of breathing is about soothing the life force energy. As energy settles in the body, many disruptive emotive tendencies are cleared, leaving the heart available to meet experience in a balanced and sensitive way.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-06 Kamma and Saṇkhāra 46:33
We might experience running down familiar emotional tracks (saṇkhāra). Tracks get laid down by the repeated and habitual reactions to contact (kamma). To clear disturbing and negative tracks, widen attention and check the habitual impulse. The mind naturally seeks harmony and balance. Listen deeply for its response.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart

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