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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2007-10-23 A Moving Balance 2:01:01
This is a collection of 9 of Ajahn's earlier dharmaseed files from 2007 to 2021, that give instructions and encouragement on walking meditation. They have been selected to support a book by Ajahn entitled "A Moving Balance". This and other books by Ajahn Sucitto can be downloaded here: Forest Sangha - Books - Ajahn Sucitto
2007-10-20 Be With It - Not In It 43:31
Cittaviveka Group Retreat
2007-10-13 End Of Rains 41:55
2007-09-29 The Mind And The World 48:45
2007-09-22 Truth - The End Of Programs 35:14
2007-09-15 The Gift 27:46
2007-08-11 Falling Awake 48:06
Cittaviveka First Vassa Group Retreat
2007-08-08 A Holiday At Home - 'knowing' meets 'self' 27:50
Cittaviveka First Vassa Group Retreat
2007-08-04 Nudging The Spirit 29:49
Cittaviveka First Vassa Group Retreat
2007-08-03 Deepening Into Impermanence 44:27
Cittaviveka First Vassa Group Retreat

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