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Retreat Dharma Talks

Deepening into stillness, opening to peace

This five-day retreat for experienced students offers an opportunity to strengthen our inner resilience, so that we can meet life’s ever-changing challenges and rewards with more balance and ease.

2022-01-14 (6 days) Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

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2022-01-15 01 instructions: developing mindfulness and steadiness of mind 20:51
Jill Shepherd
Developing sati / mindfulness and samadhi / steadiness of mind, to sensitise us to what supports ease, and what gets in the way
2022-01-15 02 meditation: mindfulness of breathing 26:17
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by establishing awareness of the body sitting, and simply receiving the experience of breathing
2022-01-15 03 instructions: mindfulness of the body 12:36
Jill Shepherd
Beginning to sensitise our awareness to notice the physical symptoms of clinging and release
2022-01-15 04 talk: Right Effort p1 - the Five Hindrances 50:09
Jill Shepherd
2022-01-16 05 instructions: cultivating spaciousness and metta 13:53
Jill Shepherd
Continuing with the exploration of clinging and release, noticing what gets in the way and what supports more openness and ease, with an invitation to orient to mettā
2022-01-16 06 meditation: spaciousness and mettā 21:52
Jill Shepherd
Orienting to the energy of mettā / kindness as a support for more openness and ease in the body, heart and mind
2022-01-16 07 instructions: mindfulness of the body in terms of the four elemental qualities 22:00
Jill Shepherd
An introduction to experiencing the body in terms of the elemental qualities of earth, water, fire and air
2022-01-16 08 talk: Right Effort p2 - Seven Factors of Awakening 42:13
Jill Shepherd
Continuing to explore Right Effort as the capacity to release the hindrances and help the Seven Factors of Awakening to arise
2022-01-17 09 meditation: mindfulness of mind and awakening factors 29:59
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by establishing stillness and spaciousness in the body and mind, allowing thoughts to come and go, then tuning in to the underlying qualities of the mind, including the seven factors of awakening
2022-01-17 10 intstructions: mindfulness of mind-states 11:22
Jill Shepherd
Bringing awareness to the underlying qualities of mind underneath the content of thoughts and emotions
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