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Retreat Dharma Talks

Rest, renewal, resilience, release

A seven-day retreat for Southern Insight, Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand with Jill Shepherd and Julie Downard

2022-06-04 (8 days) Southern Insight Meditation (Staveley Camp)

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2022-06-05 02 talk: inner and outer supports for being on retreat 47:02
Jill Shepherd
Exploring different aspects of the "retreat container" that support the deepening of our meditation practice: the schedule, sangha, safety, silence, solitude, slowing down and stillness
2022-06-06 03 instructions: mindfulness of breathing to strengthen sati and samādhi 19:29
Jill Shepherd
Exploring mindfulness of breathing with a relaxed and receptive approach, to help strengthen sati / mindfulness and samādhi / stability of mind
2022-06-06 04 meditation: mindfulness of breathing 29:49
Jill Shepherd
Bringing a relaxed approach to practising mindfulness of breathing, noticing the subtle energising quality of the in-breath and the relaxing aspect of the out-breath
2022-06-06 05 instructions: feeling tone or vedanā 18:18
Jill Shepherd
Exploring how feeling-tone conditions reactivity when there's no mindfulness, and how mindfulness gives us a choice about how we respond
2022-06-07 09 talk: Compassion 49:53
Jill Shepherd
Exploring compassion as support for relating skilfully to dukkha: pain, stress, distress, suffering
2022-06-08 10 instructions: mindfulness of mind 11:20
Jill Shepherd
Introduction to the Third Establishment of Mindfulness, mindfulness of mind
2022-06-08 11 meditation: mindfulness of mind 30:13
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by establishing mindfulness of the body and breathing, then opening to sounds and the experience of thinking
2022-06-08 12 instructions: mindfulness of mind-states 13:15
Jill Shepherd
Brief instructions for exploring mental qualities in relational practice
2022-06-09 14 meditation: spaciousness 30:07
Jill Shepherd
Tuning in to space as a support for experiencing spaciousness in the mind
2022-06-09 16 talk: Seven Factors of Awakening 44:51
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the seven factors of awakening factors, including some common misunderstandings about awakening and some ways to support the awakening factors to arise
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