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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Two Wings of the Dharma: Infusing Our Lives with Wisdom & Compassion

More than ever with the changing worldly conditions, we seek refuge, direction and inspiration from our dharma practice in order to meet our lives with a clear mind and wise heart.

In this five-day silent retreat, we will strengthen our practice through the cultivation of insight and compassion as they give rise to, support, and interweave with each other on and off the cushion. The schedule will include sitting and walking practice along with guided meditation, dharma talks and small group meetings with the teachers. Both experienced and beginning practitioners are welcome.

2023-03-17 (6 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2023-03-18 Settling into the body 59:27
Chas DiCapua
Morning meditation instructions
2023-03-18 Connecting to formal practice to the wider path. 48:05
Chas DiCapua
How the cultivation of mindfulness and concentration, support, deliberation of heart and mind
2023-03-18 Introduction to Brahma Vihara practice 46:21
Jean Esther
A brief explanation of the four Brahma Viharas and their near and far enemies. Followed by a guided, loving-kindness practice for an easy person.
2023-03-19 Morning Instructions: the value of anchoring attention. 58:02
Jean Esther
A brief explanation of why anchoring attention in the body is foundational, followed by suggestions as to how to practice in this way
2023-03-19 Five hindrances as a doorway to release. 52:07
Jean Esther
An introduction to the five hindrances, how they are experienced in the mind and body, and practices that lead to release from their grip.
2023-03-19 Loving Kindness 45:33
Chas DiCapua
Practicing with the easy being. Receiving loving kindness and offering loving kindness to self.
2023-03-20 Practicing with emotions 61:18
Chas DiCapua
2023-03-20 Seven factors of awakening 48:48
Chas DiCapua
How do factors relate to and balance one another, and their role in liberating the mind and heart
2023-03-20 Guided compassion practice 46:13
Jean Esther
A guided practice of compassion for someone in our life, followed by a guided practice of compassion for ourselves
2023-03-21 Morning Instructions: feeling tones (vedana) 52:18
Jean Esther
These instructions highlight how to identify feeling tones in meditation, practice, and the importance their identification plays in the release from being lost in aversion, desire, and disconnection
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