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Retreat Dharma Talks

Two-day insight meditation and Insight Dialogue workshop

A two-day workshop exploring insight meditation and the relational practice of Insight Dialogue, held in Newcastle NSW, Australia

2024-01-13 (2 days) Australian Insight Meditation Network

2024-01-13 01 talk: welcome and introduction to insight meditation 16:43
Jill Shepherd
Welcome and introduction to the workshop purpose: to deepen the practice of Insight Meditation, which harnesses the power of mindfulness to develop understanding in all aspects of our lives, which leads to greater ease, happiness, and peace of mind
2024-01-13 02 instructions: mindfulness of the body 6:47
Jill Shepherd
A short introduction to mindfulness of the body, including posture instructions
2024-01-13 03 meditation: mindfulness of breathing 26:52
Jill Shepherd
Establishing mindfulness of the body sitting, then bringing awareness to the rhythm of breathing and the subtle energetic effects of inhaling and exhaling
2024-01-13 04 instructions: mindfulness of mindfulness itself 14:22
Jill Shepherd
Exploring different qualities of mindfulness, opening up from the "anchor" of the breath to bring awareness to sounds and physical sensations
2024-01-13 05 meditation: mindfulness of hearing and physical sensations 24:28
Jill Shepherd
Steadying awareness on the experience of breathing, then opening to hearing and physical sensations through the whole body
2024-01-13 06 instructions: mindfulness of mind 13:12
Jill Shepherd
Instructions for paying attention to the mind and mental activity, knowing thoughts and emotions without taking them personally and identifying with them
2024-01-13 07 meditation: mindfulness of thoughts and emotions 25:19
Jill Shepherd
Steadying awareness on the experience of breathing, then opening to sounds, thoughts and emotions coming and going
2024-01-13 08 instructions: proliferation 8:01
Jill Shepherd
Short instructions for working with mental proliferation or papanca, seeing the chain reactions that cause it and coming back to the immediacy of sense-based experience to re-ground awareness
2024-01-13 09 instructions: cultivating skilful mind-states such as mettā or kindness 6:26
Jill Shepherd
Short instructions for developing mettā or kindness as a skilful mental quality
2024-01-13 10 meditation: cultivating the heart energy of mettā or kindness 22:31
Jill Shepherd
A short meditation to develop mettā, beginning by establishing well-being in the body then attuning to the energy of kindness at the heart-centre
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