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One Earth Sangha
2011-06-07 One Earth Sangha 40:24:32
with Ayya Anandabodhi, Ayya Santacitta, Ayya Santussika, Bob Doppelt, Catherine McGee, Chas DiCapua, David Loy, Donald Rothberg, Jack Kornfield, James Baraz, Joanna Macy, Malcolm Margolin, Margarita Loinaz, Mark Coleman, Nina Wise, Paul Hawken, Rob Burbea, Sayadaw Vivekananda, Tara Brach, Thanissara, Various, Wes Nisker
One Earth Sangha is oriented toward Buddhist and mindfulness practitioners seeking dharma, practices and community around care for the Earth. See their website here: One Earth Sangha
Follow Your Heartbreak 51:12
James Baraz
Inspired by Andrew Harvey's book A Guide to Sacred Activism. The journey of transformation, both personal and global, includes our hearts opening to all the suffering we encounter and letting our heart be shattered and break open to new possibilities. This is a natural and essential component of true awakening. This process is explored on different levels: our own dharma practice, the classical Progress of Insight and what Harvey calls "The Dark Night of the Species."
(On Climate Change) Earth’s Crisis - On the Edge of the Roof 1:19:32
Tara Brach
This talk views the ecological dis-ease of our planet through the lens of our evolutionary unfolding. We explore the egoic trance that has precipitated the destruction of our environment, and the inner practices of presence that enable us to respond from love and wisdom.
All In This Together 57:20
Catherine McGee
The inter-relationship between inner and outer. Knowing that we belong as a basis for meeting and responding to the suffering of our world, both inner and outer.
Learning from Climate Change 42:00
Ayya Santacitta
The Broader Context of Mindfulness 57:25
Mark Coleman
Mindfulness is so much more that attention. Supporting wholesome qualities like patience and equanimity, Right Mindfulness specifically develops wise action in our lives and in the world.
The Meditator as Revolutionary 1:10:02
Rob Burbea
The Brahma Viharas and the Climate Challenge 52:39
Ayya Anandabodhi
400 and Rising 42:10
Ayya Anandabodhi
The Necessity of Fantasy 68:38
Rob Burbea
Planet Earth as Divine Messenger 52:06
Ayya Santacitta
Practicing in Times of Big Changes 34:50
Ayya Santacitta
The Dharma Of Global Climate Change 60:01
Chas DiCapua
How our dharma practice can turn this difficult situation onto an opportunity for practice and awakening.
Earth As Witness: International Dharma Teachers' Statement on Climate Change 63:47
James Baraz, Bob Doppelt
Appropriate Response at the Tipping Point 3:32:40
James Baraz
A four-part series inspired by the Spring 2012 issue of Inquiring Mind, entitled 'Earth Now.'
Practice & Climate Change 48:46
Knowing your refuge. Cultivating resilience. Alignment with authentic response.
Responses to Climate Change: Awareness, Action and Celebration 4:05:21
Various, Bob Doppelt, Donald Rothberg, James Baraz, Joanna Macy, Malcolm Margolin, Nina Wise, Paul Hawken
2013-04-20 (1 day) Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Loving the Earth: Awareness, Action and Celebration 3:41:25
Various, Ayya Anandabodhi, Ayya Santussika, David Loy, Jack Kornfield, Margarita Loinaz, Wes Nisker
2014-04-20 (1 day) Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Buddhist Perspective On Climate Change 67:11
Sayadaw Vivekananda
Observed changes in the climate system, attribution of climate change, Buddhist perspective, Buddhist response to climate change.
The Anatomy of Ignorance 2 - The Social Roots of Ignorance and climate Disruption 64:06
Donald Rothberg
For Earth Care Week we review the three aspects of ignorance examined last week - personal (or psychological), social, and universal. We focus on the social roots of ignorance with attention mostly to understanding and responding to the climate crisis.
Dharma practice and the climate Crisis 61:12
Donald Rothberg
At the time of Earth Day, we pose a a dilemma and challenge. Dharma practice is so compelling. The climate crisis is so compelling. Which do we choose? Both, in our own ways. We look at the ways that our practice (and principles of generosity, compassion, ethics, interdependence, and wisdom) call us to regard and that those responding deeply need spiritual practices and principles to meet the great need.
The Four Noble Truths of Responding to Climate Change 66:01
Donald Rothberg
Continuing our exploration of ethical practice during earth care week. We examine, through the frame work of the Four Noble Truths, the question of the nature of climate change and how to respond as individuals, as communities, nationally and internationally.
Attached Files:
The Eco-Crisis as a Spiritual Crisis 54:27
David Loy
There are precise and profound parallels between what Buddhism says about our usual individual predicament and our collective ecological predicament today.
Healing Ecology - A Buddhist Perspective on the Eco Crisis 1:36:38
David Loy
There are precise and profound parallels between what Buddhism says about our individual predicament and our collective predicament today in relationship to the rest of the biosphere.
Climate Change, Capitalism, and Buddhadharma 57:26
Joanna Macy
An impassioned talk that includes a little known story from the suttas about the dangers of and suffering caused by the notion of private property. During the talk, winds of 45 mph buffeted the monastery, emergency sirens sounded in the distance, and three power outages occurred. Ends with a lively discussion with the sangha.
For The Sake of Life on Earth, part 1 41:42
Joanna Macy
Through silence and song, sitting practice. Dharma talks, and interactive exercises, we will affirm our capacity to take part in the healing of our world. Each of our lives is played against a backdrop of war-making, hunger, mass extinctions and increasing climate chaos. The Buddha's teachings show how we can respond to the suffering of our time in ways that bring courage, gladness, and deep community. Our day together will draw on the Work That Reconnects, developed by Joanna over the last 35 years, and on Jennifer's soul-expanding music, that has empowered activists the world over. Joanna Macy is known worldwide as a Gaian teacher whose trainings strengthen movements for global justice. Her books include Dharma and Development, Coming Back To Life, Mutual Causality in Buddhist Teachings and Systems Theory, and her memoir Widening Circles, as well as translations of Rilke's poetry. Jennifer Berezan is a renowned singer/songwriter whose work is informed by Buddhist and indigenous teachings as well as her adventures at the forefront of social change. Her concerts and recordings include Praises for the World and her most recent release In These Arms, a Song for All Beings, based on practices of loving kindness and compassion.
For the Sake of Life on Earth, part 2 42:35
Joanna Macy
Mindfulness and Climate Action 5:46:13
This series of five conversations with dharma teachers was held October 5 through November 3, 2014.
Attached Files:
  • Mindfulness and Climate Action Background Paper by Kritee Kanko and Lou Leonard (PDF)

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