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Laura Bridgman's Dharma Talks
Laura Bridgman
Laura Bridgman began her Dhamma practice in her early teens, and eventually ordained as a nun with Ajahn Sumedho in 1995. She was resident at Amaravati and Chithurst monasteries for eighteen years until moving out to live as a solitary nun in 2010. She has spent extended periods of time with the Burmese teacher Sayadaw U Tejaniya. In 2015 Laura left the monastic tradition to pursue the Diamond Heart (Ridhwan) spiritual path alongside her Vipassana practice. There is much over-lap as it incorporates Buddhist principles and practices.
2023-07-14 Q&A 48:38
with Ajahn Sucitto, Laura Bridgman
00:05 Q1 (AS) You talked about protection during the QiGong. How does protection happen without closure? 09:39 Q2 (LB) Could you explain how the citta can cleanse sankaras? 17:05 (AS response). 36:04 Q3 (AS) Given that I struggle to maintain focus even on a narrow object, it’s very hard to bring the whole body into awareness . Any hints? 45:02 (LB response).
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-13 Intention - Guided Meditation 19:19
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-12 The clinging khandas 35:55
Arriving and adjusting to the retreat provides an example of the fixities and rigidities challenging us from settling. These are actually the khandas.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-12 Alms and Food Offering 7:48
Ajahn Laura describes the form, process and dynamic of offering alms.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-07-11 Opening Session and Meditation (LB) 20:14
Formalizing our relationship to values of harmlessness, trustworthiness and respect in retreat, can remind us of what matters and let us land into a softer heart.
Gaia House Unrestricted Awareness
2023-05-21 Closing Session for the Retreat 59:34
with Alan Lewis, Laura Bridgman
Gaia House Exploring What Is
2023-05-20 Benevolent Will - How We Apply Effort 58:14
Gaia House Exploring What Is
2023-05-18 Skilfully Working with Mindstates 58:37
Gaia House Exploring What Is
2023-05-16 Opening Session, Guided Meditation, Precepts 50:52
This recording also includes Alan Lewis
Gaia House Exploring What Is
2023-05-07 The 3rd Vipallāsa - Taking What is Not-Self as Self 33:22
Dharma Talk
Gaia House Penetrating the Veils (online retreat)

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