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Gregory Kramer's Dharma Talks
Gregory Kramer
Gregory has been teaching meditation since 1980. He developed the practice of Insight Dialogue, offering retreats worldwide and authoring books including Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom and Dharma Contemplation: Meditating Together with Wisdom Texts.
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2018-12-01 Dosa and Adosa (Aversion and Non-Aversion) Practice Recording 2:15:41
The Buddha was interested in understanding the human experience; he was not trying to establish a religion. He wondered why there was human suffering? And he is inviting us into this same inquiry. This recording is a series of talks from various retreats by Gregory Kramer on dosa and adosa stitched together by Insight Dialogue Community member, Kathy Beck-Coon. She wrote up guidance on how this recording can be used for Insight Dialogue practice and to support practice groups. In addition, Insight Dialogue member, Anne Symington, wrote up a summary of the teachings and a timestamp summary of the audio.
Insight Dialogue Community
Attached Files:
  • Insight Dialogue dosa_adosa practice recording guidance (PDF)
2018-08-14 Evening Session: Dharma Talk 67:29
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies Insight Dialogue (ID) Training for Vipassana and ID Teachers and Trainees
2016-08-07 The Three Bases of Insight Dialogue 66:17
Insight Dialogue Community
2016-07-03 Dependent Origination Understood in a Relational Context: Part I (of IV) 44:23
Insight Dialogue Community
2016-03-12 Boundless compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity 61:42
Receiving with compassion what is difficult / receiving joy / experiencing mutual equanimity. Guided meditation on the boundless with Open for the first 14:15 minutes. " there is an aspect of Open that is establishing the field of awareness that is the atmosophere in which Metta arises." Four part contemplation, first two separate speaker, last one the entire group 1. "Observe the opening of awareness to every cell of the vody, naming what it is like. This awareness is inclusive and spacious." Contemplate something in your life that is difficult, feeling your heart vibrating with the pain". " Be present to the pain waith compassion for this being, the compassionate response". "Listener, how was it like to receive this?" 2. Now the gift of our practice is to touch joy, something positive, wholesome, uplifting. Let it infuse you, vibrate within you." Listener, touch the experience of hearing about joy. 3." Whatever experience that might be present of mutual or sympathetic equanimity,where the heart balances together." 4. "What is manifesting now? Resting perhaps in the shared human experience of the whole of it; the hurt, the joy the boundless."
Insight Dialogue Community (SatiSphere) Insight Dialogue Retreat
2016-03-12 Three kinds of Dukkha 21:44
Dyad with separate speakers for the first two contemplations 1. straight-forward suffering. The pain can be proliferated and held up and at this micro-level flips into Dukka-dukka 2.the dukka of impermanence, that comes with the instability of things and our responses " Give attention to the quality of receiving." " What is it like to be speaking of this pain of impermanence....; to be hearing it?" 3.the suffering associated waith constructions and the constructing mind "Those images that come and haunt the mind." "That ongoing tumult of the body-mind responding to its own fabrications." "Can we get off the bus?"
Insight Dialogue Community (SatiSphere) Insight Dialogue Retreat
2016-03-12 Attending to dukkHa with Relax, Receive 12:59
Insight Dialogue Community (SatiSphere) Insight Dialogue Retreat
2016-03-12 Exploring 'contact' with other human beings 20:36
This contemplation was for a group of four.
Insight Dialogue Community (SatiSphere) Insight Dialogue Retreat
2016-03-12 Pause to touch and be touched by the world 21:29
Insight Dialogue Community (SatiSphere) Insight Dialogue Retreat
2015-05-31 Practice Of Wise Conversation 12:07
Instruction for Mindful Conversation Exercise In Dining Hall; Wisdom / "Do I Believe My Thoughts And Actions Have Results?"
Insight Dialogue Community (Samish Island Campground) Insight Dialogue Retreat

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