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Retreat Dharma Talks

Balancing Effort and Enjoyment

A one-day workshop exploring the balance between effort and enjoyment in insight meditation, using the example of the Buddha’s own life story to discover creative ways to bring more ease, enjoyment and balance into our meditation and our daily lives.

2020-07-25 (1 day) Auckland Insight Meditation

2020-07-25 01 meditation: intro, mindfulness of breathing 13:25
Jill Shepherd
Short beginning meditation to open the one-day on-line workshop, establishing metta as a resource before settling into mindfulness of the body and breathing
2020-07-25 02 talk: Right Effort and the Middle Way 25:54
Jill Shepherd
An introduction of the workshop theme, balancing effort and enjoyment, with an overview of someone common ways that effort becomes unbalanced
2020-07-25 03 instructions: finding balance as a process of listening 16:50
Jill Shepherd
Finding balanced effort as a process of attunement, with an overview of the practice of mindfulness of hearing as a way to train in receptive listening
2020-07-25 04 meditation: mindfulness of hearing 25:36
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with the body and breath, then opening up to the experience of hearing, receiving sounds and and any moments of silence
2020-07-25 05 talk: the role of pleasant experience in formal and informal practice 16:25
Jill Shepherd
Some common unhelpful attitudes to pleasant experiences in meditation and daily life practice, and suggestions for how to develop a more skilful relationship to them
2020-07-25 06 talk: Right Effort and Mudita or appreciative joy 24:04
Jill Shepherd
Looking at the four-part definition of Right Effort, and how mudita practice, the cultivation of appreciative joy, can support the development of skilful mental states
2020-07-25 07 guided meditation: mudita or appreciative joy 16:36
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by tuning in to well-being in the body, opening to appreciation of what's going well in our own lives, then mudita for what's going well for others
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